Saturday, June 28, 2008

Small Town, USA

It's been a while since I've had the time to post. I've just been busy, busy, busy working on the campaign trail. Today was a nice change of pace. My parents were in town so we went and ate breakfast at Puckett's in historic downtown Franklin. My Aunt Mary came too.

After a great breakfast, we walked around Main Street and shopped in all the neat little stores. Mom bought 10 Christmas gifts! Even though Cool Springs is just right up the road, there are always tons of people walking around shopping and it's just such a great atmoshpere. Dad sat outside on the sidewalk and enjoyed talking to everyone as they walked by. He met a lady from Pennsylvania, a family from New York and a couple from Mississippi. It made me realize how lucky I am to live here and be able to enjoy everything Franklin has to offer all year long.

So while walking around enjoying a great Saturday in small town America, I began to think about my brother-in-law who's a J.A.G. and stationed in Iraq right now. It made me feel a bit guilty. It really makes me appreciate the sacrifices he and others have made/are making so that I can walk around and enjoy such a fun Saturday morning with my family.

Tonight, Josh and I plan on going out to Arrington Vineyards with his parents for "Music in the Vines". Josh's mom is going to pack us a picnic so we'll have a fun summer night of eating cheese, drinking wine and listening to jazz music. Kix Brooks is actually one of the owners of Arrington Vineyards.

Then tomorrow night, we are going to the Carnton Plantation for the start of the Summer Concert Series with our friends Heather and Robbie. This is a great place to enjoy a relaxed Sunday with friends, listening to music on the lawn at Carnton. Everyone brings their lawn chairs and sets up their own tables. And even though it's a card table, you still bring centerpieces and decorations so Heather and I already have ours all planned out! I know...only in Williamson County.

We both work on a congressional campaign for Monty Lankford and since we have a fundraising event at George Jones's farm next week, we are going to try to promote that while there. Hence the boot floral arrangement!

Carnton actually once served as a field hospital during the Civil War. Nearly 10,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or captured in the Battle of Franklin - 7,000 of those Confederate soldiers. When the house got too full, wounded and dead soldiers were placed on the lawn...the same lawn people will be drinking mint julips and catching up with friends on tomorrow night.

So this weekend I plan on enjoying all the wonderful and unique things Franklin has to offer. And even though next week I will be on the campaign trail at more 4th of July celebrations than you can imagine, I think this weekend has helped to remind me how thankful I am to live in such a great the greatest country in the world.

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