Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My sister sent me this website I thouht was fun! It shows you the number one song the day you were born.


My song was "Too Much Heaven" by The Bee Gees.

Josh's was "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye! HAAAAAA!

What's yours?!

Are you ready for some football?!

Josh took me to Titans game tonight for our 6 month anniversary! I'm already lobbying for him to take me to the Packers game on Sunday but we'll see! :) I actually kind of enjoy my Sunday afternoons to myself so will probably let him keep taking his buddies to the games instead of me!

Such a fun night! We tail-gated with my good friend Mike Hamilton for a bit then headed in for the game. 7-0!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary to My Most Eligible Bachelor!

So rumor has it that my very own fiancé was named Most Eligible Bachelor in Williamson Co. in a local Franklin publication a few years back. HAAAA! I know...I laughed so hard when I first heard that and gave Josh a hard time about it (he was not the one who revealed this juicy tid bit of information)!

But each day I spend with Josh, the more lucky I feel to have been the one to take him off the market! :) Today, October 26th marks our "official" 6 month anniversay and it has been the best 6 months of my life.

So happy 6 month anniversary to my no longer eligible bachelor!

We are celebrating tonight with dinner (I get to pick the place) and he's taking me to the Titans game tomorrow night. 6-0 record for our 6 month anniversary!

(I'm sure he didn't realize months ago when he promised he'd take me that it would be such a big game)! Oh well! :)

So today and tomorrow I will be celebrating my anniversary with dinner and football...I'm sure only in the South would that be an acceptable anniversary gift! :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wedding Plans

Me and my future hubby and event planner!

Marsha (who I affectionately refer to as Martha because she reminds me of Martha Stewart) created these two pictures for me.

I admit I did NOT want to have a wedding when Josh first proposed. I was content with a drive thru wedding ceremony in Vegas! But Josh really wanted a wedding so he's getting one! But I am getting excited as more plans unfold. I got to visit the site of our wedding (Scarritt Bennett) and our reception (The Hermitage Hotel) last week and now can't wait for the big day! Josh, my event planner Marsha and I started at the Hermitage Hotel, then we had had a cupcake tasting at Gigi's, then got to walk around Scarritt Bennett's campus.

Here are some more of my favorite pics!

The veranda, where Josh proposed

Scarritt Bennett!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Go Pirates!

Thursday night, Josh and I finally went to one of Luke's baseball games. It was very fun to watch 4 year olds play! Amy and Scott are going to have many fun times watching Luke and Caroline play different sports over the years.

I remember playing sports at a young age and it made me wonder how funny we used to look when we played. Below is a picture of me from many years ago when I played softball. Only in Paris, TN would Hank Williams Jr. sponsor a team called Kawliga Korners!
Sports were also such a big part of my life growing up...and now I don't even make it to the gym! I actually am a member at Franklin Athletic Club and sadly have not gone one time since I joined! I know...very sad! I asked Josh the other day about getting a personal trainor and I think I'm going to. I hope having someone waiting for me to come in will help me actually go. I'll keep you updated on that progress!

Anyway, here are some more fun sport photos from yester year. Gosh I feel old!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Free Willie!

Another great weekend with Josh! Friday night we ate dinner with our good friends Ken and Linda Moore at the new Boxwood Bistro in Franklin. We had a wonderful night of great food and great company!

Saturday night we headed to Leiper's Fork to watch Willie Nelson in concert at the Preston farm. My friend Olivia came with us and we all had such a great time. Sunday was a great church service and then lunch with the future in-laws. Josh and I got to hang out all afternoon since the Titans didn't play at home.

Another great weekend with my future hubby and I'm just looking forward to many, many more!