Saturday, October 11, 2008

Go Pirates!

Thursday night, Josh and I finally went to one of Luke's baseball games. It was very fun to watch 4 year olds play! Amy and Scott are going to have many fun times watching Luke and Caroline play different sports over the years.

I remember playing sports at a young age and it made me wonder how funny we used to look when we played. Below is a picture of me from many years ago when I played softball. Only in Paris, TN would Hank Williams Jr. sponsor a team called Kawliga Korners!
Sports were also such a big part of my life growing up...and now I don't even make it to the gym! I actually am a member at Franklin Athletic Club and sadly have not gone one time since I joined! I know...very sad! I asked Josh the other day about getting a personal trainor and I think I'm going to. I hope having someone waiting for me to come in will help me actually go. I'll keep you updated on that progress!

Anyway, here are some more fun sport photos from yester year. Gosh I feel old!


Carla said...

No pictures of us on the bench at the state tournament? Those were some good times!

Lori said...

I am totally loving your Kawliga (?) pants. I think those were the pants Michael Koors referred to on Project Runway as "that crotch is a nightmare!" ha ha ha