Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wedding Plans

Me and my future hubby and event planner!

Marsha (who I affectionately refer to as Martha because she reminds me of Martha Stewart) created these two pictures for me.

I admit I did NOT want to have a wedding when Josh first proposed. I was content with a drive thru wedding ceremony in Vegas! But Josh really wanted a wedding so he's getting one! But I am getting excited as more plans unfold. I got to visit the site of our wedding (Scarritt Bennett) and our reception (The Hermitage Hotel) last week and now can't wait for the big day! Josh, my event planner Marsha and I started at the Hermitage Hotel, then we had had a cupcake tasting at Gigi's, then got to walk around Scarritt Bennett's campus.

Here are some more of my favorite pics!

The veranda, where Josh proposed

Scarritt Bennett!


josh and darci said...

So exciting! It looks like it will be beautiful!!! My camera is a Canon Rebel XT. Hope you're doing well!

The Claunch Family said...

So pretty! I bet you're getting so excited!

The Roper's said...

It is going to be so pretty!!!