Monday, November 17, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

Josh and I finally got away to Granby, CO this weekend. The ski slopes aren't open yet but we just wanted to get away. Thursday night we ate at a great restaurant in Denver with some of Josh's old colleagues. Then we headed up the mountain on Friday. It started snowing pretty hard as we drove up the mountain and got a little scary there for a while!

Saturday we decided we needed some rest and relaxation and went to Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa for massages and to soak in the natural springs. They had 24 natural pools ranging from 85 degrees to 112 degrees. The smell wasn't so great and was sometimes a bit cold getting out of the warm water into 32 degree temperatures! But it was a cool experience and we had lots of fun.

Saturday night we ate dinner at another one of Josh's friends house that lives just right up the road in Fraser, CO. Then we went to Rocky Mountain National Park for a bit on Sunday before heading back to Tennessee.

We had the best weekend and I'm already planning when we can go back next! Now I just need to learn how to ski!

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Haro said...

Hey! I got on here hoping you put pics of your trip! Yippee!! Looks gorgeous!! And,that snow from the car is so scary!!! Ahhh!