Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving...Paris Style

Josh and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family in Paris last week. I love going home to this scenery.
Scarlett also has tons of fun with lots of land to roam around on. We had to pick stick tights off of her for an hour!

Below is one of our old Christmas trees! We always had live Christmas trees and then would plant them after Christmas. The one below is now huge and makes me feel so old!

Thursday night, we broke out the old school "Songs of the Church" songbooks and sang all of our old favorite songs. This was probably my dad's highlight. He used to have "singings" at our house all the time and I hated it. But it was kinda nice now singing old favorites that you don't hear at church much anymore.
I'm glad I know these songs. My dad said they don't even sing them much anymore...they've moved to the projector with words instead of songbooks. Baby steps.
My sister Nancy was the song leader on the video below and kept us laughing while we sang. Our dogs apparently are not fans of acappella music. That may now make some question whether all dogs do in fact go to Heaven.
(Be sure and hit pause on the playlist box at the top of my page that plays music or you'll hear the song and video playing at the same time - it's the button on the left with two straight lines).


Haro said...

I need some reading material! Give us another post wedding lady!

Anonymous said...

Y'all are too funny! My dad's cousin busted out with one song at Thanksgiving and I thought I'd die of embarassment and Dave got up and left the room! Maybe I'll send my dad's cousin up to Paris next year. :)