Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sneak Peek!

So I am not even close to being finished with our house...really haven't done a lot with it at all lately. But here are a few "after" shots. The dining room used to be a bright red (see before picture below). I picked out a light cream/tan damask wallpaper for the top and had the bottom painted a chocolate brown. Still no dining room furniture so hopefully I'll have more after pics complete with furniture one day soon!

Also have worked a little bit on my Craft/Wrapping room. I had in my head I wanted to use candy apple red and lime green in this room since it's more of a fun, smaller space away from the rest of the house. So I took an old dresser I had and gave it a face lift with new paint and drawer pulls. For the walls, I found a gallon of "oops" paint at Home Depot for $5 and it looked close enough to lime green for me! And I also put a candy apple red monogram on the wall. Finally, my dad made me a piece to put my wrapping paper on for easy dispensing (on the back he wrote the Bible verse, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" which I think was very cool and a great reminder! Still have lots more to do with this room too but it gives you an idea of what I want it to look like one day. I think it will be the perfect place to wrap gifts and other creative stuff I hope to learn soon like sew!

And finally, even though I am a beach and summer girl, I have to admit that the fall is beautiful! Here are some pics I took this week outside our home.

Outside our front door

Beautiful colors!

Creek full of fall leaves

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wow...where did September & October go?!

So I haven't intentionally neglected my blog but starting a new job and moving into our new home has kept me busier than I thought! So far so good with the job! Enjoying it and especially grateful now that the weather is rainy and getting cooler that I have something to keep me busy and out of the house. Although I now have more to do "in" the house than I ever expected. I never knew how much I would want to do to our new house! We've had some of the house painted...not all. And Porter paint favorite color so far is Sand Fossil. It's a great neutral color and it does remind me of the sand. Which is great since the beach is my favorite spot! I hope to have some "after" shots of the house soon. My friend Laura is helping me and has dubbed the stye of the house French coastal cottage. I can't wait to finally have it completed but it takes a while...and we can only do so much pay check by pay check! I do now have kitchen chairs so that is exciting. And yes, you know you're old when you get excited about kitchen chairs.

Other than the house and new job, I have also recently started a Beth Moore Bible study on Esther (subtitle is It's Tough Being a Woman). AMEN to that subtitle, huh?! Esther is one cool chick and I'm enjoying this study and want to start another study at my house at the first of the year if anyone in the area wants to join me!

So I haven't taken many pictures lately but here are some shots from The Heritage Ball which took place in September. It was held at Harlinsdale (outside) and due to the amount of rain we got the week/day of the event, lots of folks had last minute outfit changes. I switched from a long dress to a short one...with cowboy boots! And Josh nixed his tuxedo pants for jeans!

So I know there not much exciting to tell this post but wanted everyone to know I was still here and hope to do a better job of posting in the coming months!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

End of summer. New beginnings.

So Josh and I enjoyed my last few days of summer before I came back to Franklin and started my new job. So far, so good. I will start week 3 next week and I am very enthusiastic and excited about my new job. We also just bought our first house last week! So it's been busy around the Brown household but life is good and I feel so blessed. FYI: We also close on a condo in Cool Springs next week so if you know anyone in the market for a wonderful townhouse, LET ME KNOW!! I have pics I can send!!

My friend Courtney posted on her blog a great reminder recently that spoke to my heart:

"From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." Luke 12:48

What have you done for Jesus today? My hope is that I keep this scripture and question in the front of my mind.

Speaking of blessed, below are a pics of our NEW HOUSE!! We have a yard, a treehouse, a garden, a pool and creek all on our property. All that and the best husband in the world to boot! What more do you need?? :) The creek even has fish and ducks!! And my best friend in the world Scarlett is not going to know what to do with so much yard!

I hope everyone enjoys their last few days of summer! Give us a few months to settle into our new house...then come visit! We'll leave the light on for you!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beaches and Speeches

Sorry it has taken me so long to post! I know I promised to post some scrapbooking sites I use so I'll do that on this post.

So I haven't been up to a whole lot but have been out of town a lot and have kept myself very busy. My how the summer has flown by! I went last week to Pensacola Beach with my friend Laura and her daughter Lily. We had a great time and I really enjoyed Pensacola - just as much as San Destin which I wasn't expecting.

I also have to just mention that the best discovery of the summer was tying a rope to the end of a 5 lb weight to "anchor" my float in the ocean. I hate how the waves always takes you away from where you are sitting and back to shore. I love just floating! I think it is so peaceful! However, this next trip I am stepping it up a notch. I actually bought a real mushroom anchor people use for small canoes! It's 10 lbs but I have two different floats that are pretty big that Josh and I will be using together so I thought I needed to bring out the big gun this next trip! We shall see how that works!

Then Saturday night we went to the Statesman's Dinner. This is the state Republican party's big fundraiser each year. We sat at the table with our future governor, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey and his sweet family. And also got to see our sweet former governor, Governor Don Sundquist who Josh used to work for and it's always so good to see him. Side note is that Gov. Sundquist came and dedicated a nature trail my dad created when I was in highschool. Come to find out, Josh was actually there that day with Gov. Sundquist - of course we didn't officially meet until later but still a funny coincidence.

As for the scrapbooking/blogging questions, I have been using Smilebox however in order to put them on my blog, I have to copy the page after designing (control/printscreen) and then paste it into the paint program on your computer. Then cut out the designing, copy it to a folder just as you would a picture. Another cool website is However on that site, you can copy directly from the program into a jpg. On scrapblog, you can even make your own designs unlike Smilebox. On Smilebox, you just drop your pictures in pre-designed templates.
So that is all for now! Off to the beach for one last bit of summer fun before I start my new job! Not sure I even posted that here but I am going to be the Director of Development for Columbia State's Williamson County campus. I wasn't exactly actively looking for a job but when this one came to my attention, I felt like it would be a wonderful fit and I'm really looking forward to getting back to work. It will be an adjustment for sure but I just felt like it was time for me to start doing something. My first day is August 10th so until then, I shall be floating! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flower Power!

So we are trying to sell our house right now and for some reason, I think fresh flowers are the key to selling our house. (yeah, not sure why it's still on the market then).

But regardless, I try to have fresh flowers in the house everytime someone comes to view our house and have really enjoyed doing the arrangements. (1st new tidbit: look for the discounted ones!...and I'm starting to learn which ones can last a few days longer once they go on sale)!

I got my first inspiration at the Tour of Homes. I was a docent at Larry & Candy Westbrook's house and I loved the arrangement in their breakfast room. It was a clear glass pitcher with sliced lemons so it looked like a pitcher of lemonade with flowers. So I've done that arrangement twice now, one for me and one for Josh's mom for her birthday. My 2nd arrangement was in a wine decanter and I filled it with grapes in the bottom. Tonight I did my 2nd lemon one and my my first lime one. My friend Beth came over and helped and I think they look great!

Now every time I go shopping I try and find something new and creative to put flower arrangements in. I would love to learn actual flower names...I'm horrible at that but want to learn more!

I've also received lots of questions about online scrapbooking. I wish I knew more than I did but plan to divulge as much as I know asap on my next post! But until then, below are a few pics of my experiments as a florist!

Monday, July 06, 2009

The show must go on!

Josh and I had our first stay-cation this weekend. Josh's parents will go and stay at a local hotel every now and then and I always thought this was a fun idea! It's a lot less expensive and way easier than actually going out of town but you still kinda feel like you're on vacation! So we decided we'd go back to the site of our wedding reception (The Hermitage Hotel), eat dinner and watch the fireworks in downtown Nashville. Josh's parents actually had already booked a room at The Hermitage too so it was fun to spend time with them! We met his parents in the lobby, luckily grabbed 4 umbrellas from The Hermitage and walked to Merchants for dinner. We had a great dinner but had to rush outside because the fireworks started early to try and beat the rain...which still came POURING down in the middle of the show! Everyone got soaked but the rain did not put a damper on our fun! We then went back to the hotel and hung out with his parents at The Capitol Grille before calling it a night.

Scarlett also went with us and had her first hotel stay. I don't think she enjoyed being away from home and I could tell she was confused and VERY upset when we left her alone in the room. But she did get room service prepared by a chef so I didn't feel too sorry for her!

I hope everyone else enjoyed the holiday as much as I did. I felt so blessed this weekend and I am so thankful for my country, my friends, my family and my WONDERFUL HUSBAND.


Hot day, cool event!

I forgot I never posted any pics from Chukkers for Charity. Josh and I had never gone to this event before. If you haven't either, you MUST go next year! I have never watched a polo match before so that alone was neat. I knew nothing about polo and still know VERY little but was able to learn a little bit about the game. We were guests of Dr. Monty McInturff who is the vet for Steeplechase and Chukkers so I got to go "behind the scenes" after the match and see the horsies close up. It was so neat! Well, MOST of it was neat until...

So some of the horses had to be given electrolytes after the match (just like humans getting an IV) and so they were tied up near their trailers while they were being treated. One poor horse kicked at a fly and cut his leg on the trailer and hit an artery. It was SOOOO disgusting and just so traumatic for an animal lover like me to see! I told Josh it was literally like watching a fake horror movie when they have blood spurting everywhere. I did not stick around to see what happened but thank goodness the horse was fine and just needed to be stitched up!!

So even though it was a miserably hot day, it was well worth it and I hope to go back and watch my 2nd polo match next year!