Monday, January 05, 2009

My Hubby, The Diva (quick update for you Lori!)

So we arrived safe and sound in San Juan Puerto Rico a few days ago! But I will have to say that our first day here was not so smooth. Josh Brown, who I now affectionately refer to as my husband...also has a new name. J. Bro. (not to be confused with J. Lo). My new hubby you see is a bit of a diva.

After our arrival to our hotel, the Hilton Caribe, Josh and I were shown three rooms...and Josh was not happy with any of them. So they told him there would be another suite opening up the next day they would move us to...but Josh started calling around to other places in case that suite didn't meet his approval either. He was pretty frustrated so we decided to leave and hit the casino. I also thought it was best for our safety to get away from the hotel employees who had been trying to accommodate us.

So we went down to the lobby to grab a taxi to the casino and things were really buzzing. Ironically enough, Puerto Rico inaugurated the 1st Republican Governor in 40 years the day we arrived which is a really big deal. Security was everywhere when we tried to leave because the newly elected Governor was staying at our hotel, along with the President of the Domican Republican, the Governor of the Virgin Islands and other highly elected officials. I however was most excited to hear that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were staying here. And a charter bus carrying the Harlem Globetrotters pulled up as we were leaving too and they were checking in!

I just thought it was hilarious that Josh had been trying to find openings at other hotels all day when all these people were staying at our hotel. We did get moved to an awesome suite on our 2nd day and all is now well! But who knew J. Bro was more of a diva than J. Lo?

We had a couple's massage on the beach yesterday and a wonderful dinner at Lemongrass last night. Tonight we have reservations at Morton's. So lots of good dinners and wine! We've also had tons of success at the casinos...knock on wood. We are WAY fact, as of last night, we are getting paid to be here! So hopefully that success will continue on! I haven't won as much as Josh but I am also a much more conservative gambler than he is so won't lose as much either if our luck turns.

I did catch Josh reading this today and asked if he was preparing himself for marriage. HA!

So we are thankful for a wonderful wedding but enjoying spending time with each other without the stress of wedding plans.

Can't wait to see everyone when we get back! I'm sure I'll have wedding pictures by the time we get home.

Mrs. Brown


The Roper's said...

I want to see a picture of the hotel and room! Wow! Glad that ya'll are having fun :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You both look awesome!!