Tuesday, March 24, 2009

VIP stands for Very Incredible Persuader!

So this post is especially for my BFF Lori living in Japan. I know how anxious you are to see this. :) So a few months ago my friend Shelly from VIP Magazine told me that the March edition was going to be a special bridal edition and since Josh and I had just gotten married, she thought it would be cute for us to be in the magazine. The day the photographer actually called, Josh was sitting next to me on the couch and apparently overheard her ask me if he would be available for the shoot as well. Before I even was able to ask the question, he started shaking his head no and told me not to even ask. So I got off the phone but first whispered quickly to the photographer that I was certain Josh would be there and he would be happy to take part. After a day of some incredible persuading on my part, Josh finally caved! In addition to our pretend photo shoots, our wedding annoucement was also in the magazine. Thanks VIP! In my humble opinion, it's the best issue yet! :)

Here are some pages out of the magazine (Lori, don't you worry. I'll bring you a signed copy to Japan next month-hahaha!).
Love the white socks in the picture on the left. The tan dress was one of my favorites!You can see how excited Josh was about the shoot. :) He says that he DID smile, they just happened to pick the ones where he didn't. I was FREEZING in the photo on the right if you are wondering why I look so ridiculous. I know the text is too small on the annoucement so here's what it says:

Mary Kate Anderson and Joshua Neal Brown of Franklin were married during a New Year’s Eve ceremony at Scarritt Bennett’s Wightman Chapel in Nashville, Tennessee. Mary Kate is the daughter of Bob and Betty Anderson of Paris, Tennessee. Josh is the son of Franklin residents Phillip and Pam Brown. Ceremony music was provided by the Blue Tone Chamber Players with a special performance of “Sweet, Sweet Spirit” by Cole Young of Franklin. The bride was escorted by her father. She wore a pick-up ball gown with beaded metallic embroidered lace. Bridesmaids wore long juniper blue bubble-hem dresses to coordinate with the winter wedding theme.

The wedding was directed and orchestrated by Marsha Reagan of Franklin, with flowers provided by Sara Benson of Thompson’s Station. Mary Kate and Josh departed the chapel in a silver vintage Jaguar and made their way to the historic Hermitage Hotel for the reception and New Year’s Eve celebration.

Guests were treated to delicious food and drinks throughout the evening. A beautiful four-tiered vanilla cake with pearl air brushed fondant, cupcakes and a blue-themed candy buffet were also enjoyed by guests. The reception then became a New Year’s Eve party and the bride changed into a mermaid style wedding dress to enjoy the festivities. Casino tables with professional dealers entertained the couple’s friends and an evening filled with dancing and music provided by the Blue Tones followed. Personalized champagne flutes were provided for guests to ring in the New Year. Photography is provided by Ben DeRienzo of Nashville. After a honeymoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the couple resides in Franklin.


Haro said...

OH MY GOSH!!! YAY!!!!! I was so excited to see you updated!!! I always check the blogs before bed and yippee! I love that pic of you in the tan dress! It's so cute! Did you get to keep it?! You all look gorgeous in those pics!!! Bring that magazine with you when you come!! One month. 4 days. Woo hoo!!! Can't wait!!!

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Very Cool! Of course, I have the magazine beside my night stand. Glad to see you finally update. I thought after getting me into this you had left me. :)