Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Why I LOVE being Mrs. Brown

Each day I am grateful that I can now call my old friend and buddy, Josh Brown, my HUSBAND! From time to time, I will smile for no reason when I realize, I'm Mrs. Brown! And as anti social networking site Josh is, I have inside knowledge that my blog is on his favorite list. (OK, and his friend Jill Robinson is too-but the fact that he's reading TWO BLOGS is a big step for him!) I'm not exactly sure how often he comes by but he's leaving for a business trip tonight so I thought it would be nice for him to find this either right before he leaves or while he's away from me. ): So my devoted blog reader and husband, this blog's for you!

Why are you the best husband in the world? Because...
1. You know how much my dog means to me and love her. And even better, she now loves you too!
2. You don't make me cook.
3. You always take Scarlett outside.
4. You turned your alarm clock to where I can see it when I'm getting ready.
5. You don't care that I get my nails done and have facials...and one day you'll cave and go with me.
6. You ENCOURAGE me to get massages.
7. You lead our prayers at night.
8. You make me want to get up and go to church on Sunday mornings.
9. Anytime you go to the grocery store you buy me Cookie Crisp because you know I've probably already eaten my last box.
10. You try to be so quiet in the mornings so you don't wake me.
11. You now watch Desperate Housewives and The Bachelor with me.
12. You tell me you'd still love me if I weighed 500 pounds and I know you are serious. Don't worry, not gonna take you up on that one.
13. You now consider me in all the decisions you make.
14. You are considerate of my feelings, even when they may be irrational.
15. You encourage Girl Nights.
16. You are so smart and I love talking to you and getting your opinions on things because you always seem to have the right answer - whether I want to hear it or not.
17. Lots of other people value your opinion and ask your advice.
18. I respect you so much and so does everyone else that knows you.
19. You're level headed...all the time.
20. You are a calming force in my life.
21. I think it's cute you don't want me to have to work, but would never discourage me from working.
22. You always run the trivia answers to the host for our "team".
23. You let me (after prompting) sit next to you in the chair meant for one even though it's not comfortable.
24. You don't make me watch 24 or ER and save them on DVR until I'm not around to watch.
25. You took me shopping and let me pick out anything in the store for my birthday even though you HATE to shop. Well I guess that still didn't make you have to shop, huh? Oh well, still sweet idea.
26. You always drive.
27. You love my family.
28. Your family loves me.
29. You are patient with me.
30. You are very charitable and giving.
31. You love me even when I am being silly and crazy and you think I act 5...or sometimes 15 you say on one of my more mature days. (trust me, this one is really going to loosen you up by the time I'm finished)
32. You opened your heart to me even though we may not have appeared like a match on the outside...and managed to make me do the same. (I still think you orchestrated that some way but I'm sooo glad you did)
33. You get me and know the real me...and still love me anyway.
34. You like nice hotels, fine wine and fun I get the benefit!
35. You love to play CRAPS and let me play too.
36. You were my best friend before you became my husband...well even before we started dating.
37. You are helpful to my friends...and to everyone really.
38. You care what I think, think I'm smart and want my opinion on things even though you're really the smart one.
29. You never panic.
30. You don't ever gossip - which I respect even though it can be annoying at times!
31. You rarely have a bad word to say about anyone. And if you have one, you usually keep it to yourself.
32. You are smart with money and provide for us over and beyond what we need, but you do not love money and are a good steward with what God has blessed us with.
33. You respect my dad as much as I do.
34. You respect your dad as much as I do.
35. You love my mom as much as I do.
36. You love your mom as much as I do.
37. You make a great uncle to my nieces and nephews.
38. You will make a great father one day.
39. You are a loyal friend.
40. You think I'm beautiful.
41. You pray for our friends by name at night if you think they need encouragment or help with something going on in their lives and they'll never know it.
42. You make me want to be a better person.
43. You will lead us and our family to Heaven one day.
44. You open up with me and I get to see a side of Josh Brown no one else sees - especially the silly and crazy side. See, I'm making a difference already!
45. You make me laugh.
46. You send me flowers.
47. You never say negative things about me...even though I have many flaws.
48. You love me flaws and all.
49. You are you.
50. You allow me to be me.
---was going to stop here but can't.
51. You are so handsome in a suit.
52. You stay up late with me even though you want to go to sleep.
53. You aren't afraid to make tough decisions, even unpopular ones.
54. You are very confident but never come across as arrogant.
55. You will take me to important games when I'm sure you'd rather take a guy friend.
56. You aren't afraid to say me or anyone else. (yeah, that one can get annoying)
57. You are a natural leader.
58. No matter how old I get, I will always feel young next to you. :) OK, had to throw in at least one zinger.

I really could go on for ever listing big things and small things that all make up why I'm so lucky. I love everything about you and feel so blessed that you have chosen me to be by your side for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much for choosing me. And come back soon...from your trip and to my blog. You never know what blog entry awaits you. :)


The Hadfields said...

Sounds like a great guy, Mary-Kate! I'm so happy for you!

Jill Robinson said...

My favorite things about Josh Brown:
1. He reads my blog!! (Really??? I never knew that!)
2. He is the most loyal friend anyone could ask for!
3. He is funny!
4. He loves my kids and shows them that regularly!
5. He loves great music and great concerts! (Watch out for the next U2 tour!!)
6. He is very generous!
7. He is very wise and gives sound advice!
8. He always brings good wine to the table!
9. He is a man after God's own heart!
10. He married an awesome woman that I am happy to have as a new friend.