Monday, April 20, 2009

Whoever Said Charity Begins at Home Apparently Did Not Live in Williamson County

What a week!!! Seriously. As I write this I am so thankful to be in my PJ's curled up on the couch with my dog and FINALLY AT HOME!! It has been a fun week supporting some great causes but it's been so busy! The fun started on Wednesday. I ran by the Franklin Tea Party first.Then off to Green's Grocery in historic Leiper's Fork for Vintage Champagne and Vintage Country Music. This event was the first of the Vintage Affair events Josh and I attended this week. A Vintage Affair benefits the Williamson Co. Medical Center neonatal unit and other organizations that support women and children of need in Williamson Co.

Here I got to hang out with Michael Honig from Honig Vineyard, dance with Leiper's Fork legend Uncle Lester and met Daniel Siddiqui who is traveling across all 50 states, doing 50 jobs in 50 weeks that depict the culture and economy of each state he visits. Kinda like what Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie did...minus the wrecking havoc, terrorizing employers and getting fired from every job. He plans to write a book about it after his travels. (the three pics above)Thursday night Josh and I had Meet the Vintner at Boxwood Bistro. This is the formal black tie event of the week. However notice in the pics below that no one even has on a tie except for Josh! We got to hang out with Kix Brooks which was fun. Josh and he had lots to talk about regarding the wine shipment bill being passed since he owns Arrington Vineyards. So I had to entertain myself as you can see in one of the pics! :)

Then my girlfriends joined us and we all attended the Sommelier Preview Party and AVA Main Event on Friday night. Our next Governor, Ron Ramsey also joined us and was kind enough to auction off some of the auction items for us. Yes, as you can see below I even sported my Ron Ramsey pin even though it did not go with the outfit. Talk about dedication!

But we were still not done on Saturday. We hit the Legacy Ball Saturday night in support of the Williamson Co. Child Advocacy Center which supports abused children of Williamson Co.

And then we headed to Taste of Cool Springs Sunday night which benefits the United Way. There was so much yummy food! We met Josh's family there for this event and had a great time even though we were exhausted.So after making it home from Taste of Cool Springs, we jumped into our PJs and curled up with Scarlett to relax and watch DVR'd TV shows we haven't been able to watch all week. Best night so far if you ask me! :)

While we had some fun nights supporting great causes, Josh put it best tonight. He said he was tired of "being seen" and seeing other people. So we are in hibernation mode now.

Oh and side note: I only purchased ONE new outfit for ALL five nights (the dress for Legacy Ball)! I recycled and borrowed for all the other nights so that won me bonus points with Josh!
We still have a few fun upcoming events on our calendar however that we are excited about and will keep me away from my blog for a while. We fly out early Friday morning to attend Jazz Fest in New Orleans. There are some great artists lined up too! Dave Matthews, James Taylor, Etta James... I've never been to New Orleans so I'm very can't wait to get back into the casino! :)

Then I am heading to Tokyo, Japan as soon as I get back from New Orleans to hang out with my BFF Lori! So I'll have lots of fun posts coming in a few weeks but this will probably be all for a while! Can't wait to catch up with everyone once I return from my travels! Hope we get some nice spring weather for all to enjoy while I'm away!


Haro said...

Woo hoo!!!! Getting so excited!! I can hardly contain myself!! And, love the new blog entry! Your hair looks so cute!!! And, I will see you next week! NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny Beth said...

What fun times!!!You look beautiful and soooo happy MK and that makes me want to just sing!! Love ya and look forward to hearing more about your upcoming travels.

Marsha's Mpressions said...

WOW! You are making me dizzy!!!

Love the black dress, darlin.


Lindsey said...

That makes me exhausted just reading about it all! You are one busy woman! Have fun and safe travels.

caroline G said...

Love your hair!!!! Looks great! Fun week.

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Hey girl, just wanted you to know I nominated you for an award since you got me started in all this. Come by my place and check it out.

Have a happy Friday, Marsha

The Roper's said...

Thanks MK...always interested in anything benefitting CF. :)
And you look so beautiful and all those pics!

Lori said...

HEY! It's been nearly a month since your last post! Your readers need an update!!