Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Catching Up!

OK, so yes, three blogs in one night but I've been a blog slacker lately so I have much to report! Even Josh asked me the other day why I hadn't posted in forever. It's nice to be missed. :)

And I haven't posted a picture of Scarlett in a while, and as you can see, had some cute ones from this week!

Another highlight this week was trivia! Josh and I have "date" night every Monday night at the Mexican restaurant near our house. They have trivia every Monday and Josh and I have been going pretty much every Monday since January. We FINALLY placed Monday night for the first time!! We won 3rd place...and you would have thought we just won the lottery! When the announcer announced that the final category was fashion, I clapped my hands in joy! There is no telling how much we have spent eating there every Monday for the past 4 months just to win a $5 gift card but it was worth every penny!
THEN, we met my friend Oliva and her boyfriend Sean for dinner at another Mexican restaurant tonight so they could experience the joys of trivia with us....AND WE CAME IN 1st!!!!!!! Back to back victories after not winning at all for the past 4 months! 1st place was a gift card for $15!! So that brings our total winnings to $20 and our pride level to priceless! (By the way, I was the one who knew the final 20 point questions each night).

The last picture is very random but I went into the kitchen tonight and had to laugh at myself when I saw all of this on the kitchen table waiting for me. After our victorious night at trivia, we went to Publix. As you know, I HATE going to the grocery and so this was probably the first time I have set foot in a grocery store in months. (But there's no greater incentive than running out of toilet paper).
I think Josh probably wanted to wring my neck as he unloaded these gems out of the grocery cart and as the lady checking us out looked for a few small children that were obviously absent. We literally had no food in our house and my "must haves" were water balloons, water balloon sling shots and a handshake buzzer. I've just always wanted one. If only there had been a whoopie cushion my excursion to the grocery would have been complete.
Josh just shook his head in disbelief and bagged them. I can hardly wait to see the look on his face the first time I'm at some stuffy event and use my handshake buzzer on some unsuspecting politician. I can hardly wait!


Lori said...

Sooooooo excited the blog is back!! And, absolutely LOVE your grocery store purchases!!! HAAAAA!!!

Christine said...

Walgreens has whoopie cushions and I know this b/c I let Will spend a good 15 minutes playing with one for entertainment on a rainy, boring day!