Thursday, June 25, 2009

My name is Mary Kate...& I am a beach bum

Last Wednesday morning, Lacey, Beth, Olivia and I headed down the road to San Destin. Julie met us there later in the day because she drove in from Louisiana. Our car left so early because I just couldn't miss a full day on the beach! We stayed through Sunday and we had PERFECT weather. I just LOVE the beach and Destin is so beautiful!

Before the trip, I went overboard with beach toys and floats! I think I brought three floats, snorkel and mask, water balloons, boogie board, water guns and anything else water-related. My friend Lacey and I played like we were 5 years old all week and had a BLAST!! Four of us even went parasailing and none of us had ever done that before. I DID NOT want to leave. The only thing that got me back in the car on Sunday was wanting to see Josh (who was so great and provided the lodging for the trip). But Josh and I have plans to return on July 31st so I am already counting down the days. I am such a beach bum!

Here are some more pics from my wonderful week at the beach! I LOVE SUMMER!!


Lori said...

Love it!! The scuba mask shot is priceless!!! I am going next year! Julie's birthday cruise! Woo hoo!!

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Hey girl,

We were there at the same time. We stayed in Santa Rosa Beach. Have photos on my blog.

The Roper's said...

I am also a beach bum!! Love love the beach :) Glad that ya'll had a good time.