Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beaches and Speeches

Sorry it has taken me so long to post! I know I promised to post some scrapbooking sites I use so I'll do that on this post.

So I haven't been up to a whole lot but have been out of town a lot and have kept myself very busy. My how the summer has flown by! I went last week to Pensacola Beach with my friend Laura and her daughter Lily. We had a great time and I really enjoyed Pensacola - just as much as San Destin which I wasn't expecting.

I also have to just mention that the best discovery of the summer was tying a rope to the end of a 5 lb weight to "anchor" my float in the ocean. I hate how the waves always takes you away from where you are sitting and back to shore. I love just floating! I think it is so peaceful! However, this next trip I am stepping it up a notch. I actually bought a real mushroom anchor people use for small canoes! It's 10 lbs but I have two different floats that are pretty big that Josh and I will be using together so I thought I needed to bring out the big gun this next trip! We shall see how that works!

Then Saturday night we went to the Statesman's Dinner. This is the state Republican party's big fundraiser each year. We sat at the table with our future governor, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey and his sweet family. And also got to see our sweet former governor, Governor Don Sundquist who Josh used to work for and it's always so good to see him. Side note is that Gov. Sundquist came and dedicated a nature trail my dad created when I was in highschool. Come to find out, Josh was actually there that day with Gov. Sundquist - of course we didn't officially meet until later but still a funny coincidence.

As for the scrapbooking/blogging questions, I have been using Smilebox however in order to put them on my blog, I have to copy the page after designing (control/printscreen) and then paste it into the paint program on your computer. Then cut out the designing, copy it to a folder just as you would a picture. Another cool website is However on that site, you can copy directly from the program into a jpg. On scrapblog, you can even make your own designs unlike Smilebox. On Smilebox, you just drop your pictures in pre-designed templates.
So that is all for now! Off to the beach for one last bit of summer fun before I start my new job! Not sure I even posted that here but I am going to be the Director of Development for Columbia State's Williamson County campus. I wasn't exactly actively looking for a job but when this one came to my attention, I felt like it would be a wonderful fit and I'm really looking forward to getting back to work. It will be an adjustment for sure but I just felt like it was time for me to start doing something. My first day is August 10th so until then, I shall be floating! :)

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