Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flower Power!

So we are trying to sell our house right now and for some reason, I think fresh flowers are the key to selling our house. (yeah, not sure why it's still on the market then).

But regardless, I try to have fresh flowers in the house everytime someone comes to view our house and have really enjoyed doing the arrangements. (1st new tidbit: look for the discounted ones!...and I'm starting to learn which ones can last a few days longer once they go on sale)!

I got my first inspiration at the Tour of Homes. I was a docent at Larry & Candy Westbrook's house and I loved the arrangement in their breakfast room. It was a clear glass pitcher with sliced lemons so it looked like a pitcher of lemonade with flowers. So I've done that arrangement twice now, one for me and one for Josh's mom for her birthday. My 2nd arrangement was in a wine decanter and I filled it with grapes in the bottom. Tonight I did my 2nd lemon one and my my first lime one. My friend Beth came over and helped and I think they look great!

Now every time I go shopping I try and find something new and creative to put flower arrangements in. I would love to learn actual flower names...I'm horrible at that but want to learn more!

I've also received lots of questions about online scrapbooking. I wish I knew more than I did but plan to divulge as much as I know asap on my next post! But until then, below are a few pics of my experiments as a florist!


Lori said...

Those look so cute! The pics weren't on facebook for some reason so had to come over here to search them out!! You could open your own shop!! Cute!!a

The Hardin Family said...

Great job. I love fresh flowers and spider mums last forever....I bought some at costco and had them around for several weeks! We are still trying to sell our house stressful since we've already moved out to Phoenix.

Marsha's Mpressions said...

MK, the lemon slices are my favorite! Very cute! TIP: I've heard that the color yellow makes people want to buy.