Monday, July 06, 2009

Hot day, cool event!

I forgot I never posted any pics from Chukkers for Charity. Josh and I had never gone to this event before. If you haven't either, you MUST go next year! I have never watched a polo match before so that alone was neat. I knew nothing about polo and still know VERY little but was able to learn a little bit about the game. We were guests of Dr. Monty McInturff who is the vet for Steeplechase and Chukkers so I got to go "behind the scenes" after the match and see the horsies close up. It was so neat! Well, MOST of it was neat until...

So some of the horses had to be given electrolytes after the match (just like humans getting an IV) and so they were tied up near their trailers while they were being treated. One poor horse kicked at a fly and cut his leg on the trailer and hit an artery. It was SOOOO disgusting and just so traumatic for an animal lover like me to see! I told Josh it was literally like watching a fake horror movie when they have blood spurting everywhere. I did not stick around to see what happened but thank goodness the horse was fine and just needed to be stitched up!!

So even though it was a miserably hot day, it was well worth it and I hope to go back and watch my 2nd polo match next year!

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