Friday, February 19, 2010

We have a head!

So I found out so early that I was pregnant, that our first ultrasound didn't even show anything because the baby was the size of the period at the end of this sentence.
We waited a few days later and we saw this little yolk sac.
Our next visit we saw what I have come to call Blobby Brown. :)

But the most exciting picture so far was the one we got on Saturday. It was the first time I could make out an actual body part! Look at the very last picture and you can make out the profile of Baby Brown's head! Not sure why but being able to recognize it as human just made it seem more real to me!

It will be a few more weeks now before we find out the sex but Josh and I both agree on what we want: HEALTHY! :)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Coming in September: Bébé Nouveau Brown!

So it may be a little more clear why we did SO much traveling last year! Josh and I knew that after our one year anniversary, we were going to get serious about starting a family so we wanted to enjoy just the two of us as much as we could in 2009! And we ALMOST made it to our one year anniversary...just a few days shy! :) Guess we were enjoying ourselves at little TOO much on our Christmas cruise! :)

After I found out, I wrapped up a late one year anniversary gift for Josh.

We told my parents on my birthday and had the servers at Cracker Barrel bring them their water in two glass baby bottles!

We told his parents that night using a customized bottle of wine. The front of the label reads: Bébé Nouveau Brown, 2010...Valley of Fertility - An Infantile Table Wine...Franklin, TN
And the back label reads: Bébé Nouveau Brown is the result of blending two superior varietals to produce a wine that you will really bond with over the course of 9 months. The grapes are encouraged to ripen throughout the 1st trimeseter of the growing season and are ready to pick when they have reached full term. They are then put through a laborious pressing process to deliver a taste that cries out, "I'm here!"
Don't be put off by its mottled appearance. Bébé Nouveau Brown will age nicely if kept in a loving environment. Best enjoyed right out of the bottle.
Caution: May cause sleeplessness.

Warning: May contain traces of the following substances: zinc oxide, strained peas and petroleum jelly.

Josh's mom caught on pretty quickly!

We know the world as we know it will soon change and we can't wait to become parents! But I think God knew what he was doing when he made it a 40 week process...because I know we both will need some time to adjust to this news! :)