Monday, March 01, 2010

My Day with Two Future Presidents

The first future President we got to see today was our very own Baby Brown! I have a feeling it's a "he" but it's still too early to tell! The baby moved and jumped around today which was fun to watch and it looked like its little hand was waving at us the whole time. Maybe he/she is already campaigning! :) You can see the little hand waving below.

Then tonight, Josh and I got to spend some time with another future President (hopefully!) Gov. Mitt Romney which is always an honor. My sister and brother in law were there too and Gov. Romney actually suggested we take the picture below with me and my sister. Then Josh had him sign a copy of his new book, No Apologies, for us.

After the Romney reception, we headed to dinner with great friends at 360 Bistro in Nashville.

A fun and busy off to bed!!

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The Hardin Family said...

Fun! I saw Mitt on the Today Show this morning!! He's a busy man right now. Nashville last night, NYC early this morning.