Tuesday, May 25, 2010

24 Weeks: We're 60% of the way there!

Mary Harper is about a foot long (picture an ear of corn) and weighs about 1.5 pounds.  I love how my favorite websites are getting so truthful about what is to come:  "The last three months will only involve putting on a lot of weight thus making you uncomfortable and not as mobile as before".  Can't wait! :)

I feel her every single day and I love it!  She doesn't have enough space anymore to do somersaults and cartwheels since she is getting bigger so I get these small kicks from time to time.  It's so crazy watching my tummy move! 

Her face is complete now with the features well developed and in the right place though her eyes are still shut.  She is now just a thinner version of how she will look when born but she will start gaining more weight in the next three months (guess that makes two of us)!

I am having more trouble getting deep breaths - sometimes it is worse than others depending on how she is positioned.  It is so weird getting out of breath so easily!  And I can already tell the heat is going to affect me more than I ever thought it would since I normally LIVE for the hot months of summer. 

I am also experiencing heartburn for the first time.  I had to explain what I was feeling to Josh because I had never had it before!  I hear that if you have heartburn, it means the baby will have a head full of hair...and if she takes after me and her daddy, she will have a head full of CURLY hair! 

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Laura Erwin said...

wow, you both did have some CURLY hair!! mary harper is sure to have it too. love her name by the way!