Tuesday, June 08, 2010

26 Weeks: We're 65% of the way there!

Mary Harper now weighs close to 2 pounds and measures 14 inches from head to heel (about the length of an English hothouse cucumber).  Her little ears are more sensitive and developed than before so she may be able to hear more of our conversations now.  Her eyes which have been closed for the past few months are beginning to open and she will start blinking her eyes.

I have started feeling more tired again but it hasn't gotten quite as bad as it was in the first trimester...yet.  I think the baby's growth and development picks up again at week 26 so I assume that (and the extra pounds) are what's slowing me down again.  I am starting to feel these stabbing sharp pains under my ribs when she moves around but I love feeling her move so can't complain too much.  :)  Oh and Josh can now feel and SEE her move around.  I'll just be sitting on the couch and my belly will jump and move as she kicks me.  CRAZY!

I haven't needed the "pregnancy pillow" I've heard so much about until now and I boy do I wish I had ordered it PRIOR to needing it - but it should arrive in the next few days!  Apparently husbands DO NOT like the pregnancy pillow so we shall see how this addition is received.  We do have a King size bed so surely me, my expanding belly, Scarlett and Josh can all fit comfortably. :)

I think the most surprising thing to me so far is my lack of heat tolerance.  I usually LOVE being outside in the summer sun from sun up to sun down and I NEVER thought being pregnant would change that.  It has. 

But while things ARE getting a TINY bit more uncomfortable...I wouldn't change it for the world.  I know each stage of pregnancy will fly by (it already has!) so I am trying to take it all in and enjoy everything that comes (good and bad) with each new week.

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