Wednesday, June 16, 2010

27 Weeks: We're 67.5% of the way there!

Our little Mary-Harper now weighs 2 pounds (the weight of a cauliflower) and is almost 15 inches long.  She's sleeping and waking at regular intervals (and she lets me know when she's awake)!  While her lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning (with medical help) if she were born now.  But let's pray we don't have to find that out! 

She is definitely moving around more - I swear it feels like she pushes me back when I try to dislodge her foot from my rib cage.  Perhaps I am experiencing our first mother/daughter struggle!
I can't believe this week marks the beginning of my 3rd trimester!!  It seems just like yesterday I found out I was pregnant and can not believe next week I will be at the 7 month mark!  I can tell my energy level has started to drop off which everyone warned me would happen in the 3rd trimester.  Of course I think the hot, humid weather we've been having has also contributed to the loss of my energy.

I am definitely in the "nesting phase" of pregnancy.  I read this paragraph below on one of my online resources website and it sure sounded familiar:

Females of the animal kingdom are all equipped with this same need.  It is a primal instinct.  Just as you see birds making their nests, mothers-to-be do exactly the same thing.  For a pregnant woman nesting is an uncontrollable urge to clean and organize your house, while getting things ready for your baby.  It can be as little as washing your baby’s clothes and bedding, to repainting your entire house because you all of a sudden don’t like the color theme you have.  It is believed that the act of nesting helps a woman feel more like she is in control.  You may become a homebody and want to retreat into the comfort of home and familiar company, like a brooding hen.

Not to be left out, I am nesting away!  We had most of the downstairs area painted a few months ago and the painters are back finishing up the upstairs now.  I had them start on the nursery first of course!  Lindsay and I have stepped up our decorating pace and I think I've had some sort of FedEx or UPS package delivered every day for the past two weeks!  

It's so funny how not having the house all decorated didn't bother me that much before but now I feel like EVERYTHING must be done before Mary Harper arrives.  I feel like my whole life is about to be turned upside down in just a few months so at least want my house to be in order.  Thankfully, I have a very understanding rooster...I mean husband who is just sitting back and letting me nest.  And so far he's handling all the changes (and perhaps a little henpecking) in stride...or would that be in strut? :)

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Jane and Matthew said...

You are getting closer and closer! Glad to hear you are still feeling pretty good...and yes, get everything done you possibly can, b/c you won't get much accomplished when she gets here...are you staying home?