Tuesday, June 29, 2010

29 Weeks: We're 72.5% of the way there!

Mary Harper is now as big as a butternut squash weight wise (3 pounds) and is a tad over 15 inches, head to heel.  Over the next 11 weeks, she'll more than double...or even come close to tripling her weight.  I loved this symptom listed under 29 weeks:  Forgetfulness: No wonder your brain feels especially foggy these days — hormones are wreaking havoc on your memory and your brain-cell volume actually decreases during the third trimester.

So I really DO have an excuse!

She can now hear better and can distinguish real sounds and voices from all the vibrations around her. Some experts say that the baby’s heart rhythm will increase on hearing the sound of the father or mother.  So sweet! :)

The music we play now or a story read now will be recognized by her later and we may observe her stopping to listen for the same familiar sound later.  We heard a Rolling Stones tribute band last night at Carnton Summer Concert Series and she did seem to be moving along to the music! 

Today I had my glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes.  Not fun.  I thought drinking the actual sugar solution this morning within 5 minutes or having my blood drawn would be the worst part.  But the worst part was actually the way all that sugar made me feel later.  I felt kinda sick all day long and I don't think Mary Harper stopped moving all day today.  Josh was able to feel a few of her bigger "kicks" tonight.  Hopefully the blood work will come back normal and I won't have to follow up with the longer 3 hour test.  Yuck.

In other news, today I got to meet Coach Johnny Majors.  A while back I made my Vanderbilt fan husband bid on playing golf with Coach Majors and he won!  So they played today and their team actually ended up tying for 2nd place!
Go Vols!

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caroline G said...

YAY Coach Majors!!! I remember I cried when he left :( You look adorable!