Thursday, June 03, 2010

Deadlines and Due Dates = Progress!

Wow! Lindsay and I have been on a roll this week!  Nothing like a set deadline...or due get a girl in gear!

We have paint and carpet picked out for the entire house, have picked out nursery furniture, picked out the glider for the nursery and the fabric for the chair and ottomon (we went with a very soft milky cream fabric with tiny polka dots).  And I think we may have narrowed down our nursery bedding!  Here are our ACTUAL choices so far (can you tell I'm excited?)!

Furniture:  I actually already have a beautiful cradle and crib that my dad made.  He used wood that he got from Andrew Jackson's Hermitage after the tornado went through there years ago.  He made the crib for my oldest neice, Camille, and so far, every one of my neices and nephews have used it.  Then he made a cradle I think when my nephew Luke was born (see pictures of the cradle below...we don't have the crib put together yet but it is just as beautiful).

So of course, Mary Harper will be the next grandchild to sleep in her Pa Bob's furniture!!  But since I have the crib and cradle already, I only really needed a few other big furniture items.  Oh and I think I'm going to have my dad do her a book case that matches the crib.  Guess I need to place that order now too! :)

I love it!  We are just ordering the double dresser and nightstand and will use the dresser as her changing table too.  The wood accents will go great with the dark wood crib we have...and hopefully matching bookcase.

Below are more up close pictures of her quilt, bumper pad, and other accessories that go with the line we chose - But I'm not sure I'm ordering all of the accessories.  Lindsay says she thinks we can find our own fabric for much cheaper to make the pillows, window treaments, etc...woo hoo!  We are also going to incorporate more light pink with our fabric choices.  Guess I'll have an order or two to place with my mom too once we pick out fabric!  But the items below are all items that go with the bedding we've chosen just to give you an idea of what the main features of the bedding will be.
Side note: If anyone needs any help with their house, you should really think about using Lindsay (AFTER I'M FINISHED WITH HER)! :)  I told Josh she is really saving us money by knowing exactly the items we need to buy without getting additional items we don't really need AND since she works with this stuff everyday, she knows when things are overpriced and stops me from buying them!

So there's our latest nursery design update!  Can't wait to get the room painted with the stripes, the new carpet and all of this put inside her room!  I just hope we get it all done before she arrives!


Misty said...

Love it all! I'm going to have to look into the furniture. I love the's getting time to move Maggie into a "big girl" bed! Is the bedding Glenna Jean? Looks like it. Maggie's crib bedding is Glenna Jean.

ethan1066 said...

the baby bedding is really fascinating and will look pleasant and attractive..definitely a great deal for your loved one...

Marsha's Mpressions said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Toile is one of my most favorite fabrics. It's going to be GORGEOUS!

Rupinder said...

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Laura Erwin said...

love the furniture and the toile...very french :)

Ethan Smith said...

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