Tuesday, July 06, 2010

30 Weeks: We're 75% of the way there!

Mary Harper is about 15.7 inches long now and she weighs almost 3 pounds (like a head of cabbage).  From this week until week 37, she will gain an impressive half a pound a week!  I am in the middle of the 3rd trimester (or in the 8th month of pregnancy) and so have only 9 or 10 more weeks to go before Mary Harper arrives.  Yikes. 
From my online and baby book reading, it appears this stage of pregnancy is not the most pleasant: 

Both the mother and baby are continuing to grow steadily during the 30 weeks pregnant stage (Check!).  You might start feeling uncomfortable due to the weight increase and expanded stomach (Check!).  The tiredness and fatigue also increase considerably at this stage (Check!).  You may not be getting enough comfortable sleep at night (Check!).  The expectant mother might be experiencing strain on the lower back. This is because the body’s centre of gravity is changing (Check!).  You have gained lot of weight and are gaining much more at the rate of about 1 pound per week (Check!). You may start feeling that you are becoming slow and clumsy (Check!).

As you are in the final stages of pregnancy, you will become very restless and start feeling that the wait seems endless (Check!).  You are bound to feel quite worn out by the stage of 30 weeks pregnancy as you are uncomfortable due to moodiness, disrupted sleep, excessive weight, breathlessness and so on (Check!).  At 30 weeks pregnant stage you might be feeling quite tired and exhausted, so rest and relaxation are of great importance now.

Now throw in some heat and humidity and we've got ourselves some really fun times ahead!  :)  Of course I know the next 10 weeks will be way worth it in the end when we are holding little Mary Harper in our arms!!  Speaking of Miss Mary Harper, it appears as if she is already a trend setter!  In the July 12th issue of US Weekly, guess what name was "Name of the Week"?!  You guessed it!  Harper!  :) 
IN OTHER NEWS:  We recently got back from our last trip with just the two of us.  We spent SEVEN, yes SEVEN nights in my favorite city of LAS VEGAS!!  Sun, gambling and shopping...what more can you ask for out of a city?!  Note:  I will have to admit my shopping was a bit different this visit - 2 new diaper bags and flip flops were a few of my shopping highlights!  My what a difference a baby on the way makes!
That long in Vegas could have gotten really ugly...fortunatley, Lady Luck was on my side (not Josh's so much).  Maybe Mary Harper was my lucky charm!  I did have to pull up a chair every now and then to the Craps table when I got a bit tired of standing and was constantly having to move or glare at someone lighting up a cigarette.  But we enjoyed spending the 4th of July holiday in Vegas, watching the fireworks on the strip and spending time doing something Josh and I both enjoy.
And luckily, I noticed lots of little ones in Vegas so maybe it won't be too hard to go back one day with Mary Harper.  I've been thinking maybe we can tell her Vegas is Disney World and she'll never know the difference.  I think I can pass off Vegas' Excalibur Hotel as the Magic Kingdom.  Now if I could just convince Josh to dress up as Cinderella. 

Magic Kingdom

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Jane and Matthew said...

I have a couple friends naming their babies Harper too lately..it's so cute! Yours will be a little different with the Mary in front! Only 10 more weeks! I hope they fly by for you!