Wednesday, July 14, 2010

31 Weeks: We're 77.5% of the way there!

This week Mary Harper measures over 16 inches long and weighs 3.3 - 4 pounds (the weight of 4 naval oranges) and she is heading into a growth spurt!  She has REALLY started moving up a storm this week.  I've started playing her music and she always starts moving around when she hears the music.  I love feeling her move because I know that she's getting bigger, is active and well.  Plus feeling her move so much and being able to tell how big she is getting makes it so much more real - I can't believe she'll be here in just a few more weeks!  But I admit, it is still SOOO weird for me to feel actual parts of her body when I rub my tummy and is very crazy to see my tummy move in all sorts of directions! 
I have even noticed that my dog-child Miss Scarlett seems to be more aware of my tummy.  I know it sounds strange but it's like she's noticing all the movements too and seems to want to be near my tummy more!  She is really loving my pregnancy pillow and is even fighting me for it at night or just wants to be REALLY close to me.  She even laid up on top of my side last night and I'm not sure if she was trying to nudge me out of the way to be closer to the pillow or to be closer to me!  (Here's a pic I took on my cell of Scarlett using my pillow).  :)

I would love to hear any stories from others who have brought a new baby home to a very spoiled dog who has not yet been told she is a dog.  I'm starting to worry how Scarlett is going to react to having a new baby in the house and just curious on how others have introduced their new baby to their old baby! :)

In other news, I leave for a girls trip to the beach this week!  I am assuming this will be my last trip pre-baby and looking forward to spending time with a whole crew of fun girls.  I know that this beach trip will be much different than years past.  I usually stay outside from dusk til dawn playing in the sand, snorkeling and floating in the ocean.  Not sure I'll be able to do quite as much this year but there are 10 of us going (11 if you count Mary Harper) so it is sure to be an adventure!


Laura Erwin said...

I had the same pregnancy pillow and my dog Millie would curl up in it just like Scarlett! As you'll see on my blog, we introduced her to Laney a week after we came home and she just sniffed her and looked at her like "what is that?" She's still not quite sure of what to think of her..she pretty much ignores her but she follows me wherever I go like she's protecting me from this creature. ha.

The Roper's said...

Have fun on your vacation-all others from here out will be much different! :) Have enjoyed keeping up with your pregnancy online!

Jane and Matthew said...

woo more oil just in time for your trip! I say stay out ALL day long and float around weightless, and soak up every little second of Mary Harper being inside will wish for a couple more trips like this one in your near future!! :)