Tuesday, August 31, 2010

38 Weeks: We're 95% of the way there!

Mary Harper is now as long as a leek (more than 19 1/2 inches, head to heel) and weighs nearly 7 pounds.  95% of the way there...WOW!!  Her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb.  Phew...what a relief and blessing to have made it this far with a healthy pregnancy.  Now I just pray I have a safe delivery that results in a healthy baby girl! 

This weekend we braved the heat to attend a reunion and BBQ for Governor Don Sundquist.  Josh worked for Governor Sundquist and was excited to see so many old friends and former co-workers.  I was excited about the dark chocolate ice cream that was served. 

In other news, we are almost finished with Mary Harper's nursery!  I will do one post on her nursery soon.  We are also almost finished with the master bedroom so I may have to do a house update for my next post...if something else more exciting like, I don't know...giving birth doesn't happen first!  :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

37 Weeks: We're 92.5% of the way there!

Mary Harper is now considered "full term" even though my due date is still three weeks away.  She now weighs over 6 pounds and is a bit over 19 inches (like a stalk of Swiss chard...I know, another random veggie)!

Here are some pictures from some recent showers:

Some of my co-workers threw a shower for me at Boxwood Bistro.
Lots of useful gifts at this shower!
Monty & Shalia Lankford, Glen & Jill Casada, Doug & Rose Grindstaff and Bob & Janie Yeager threw a couple's cocktail party/shower at the Lankford's for us Sunday night. 

Wonderful hostesses!
Beautiful desserts that even matches my nursery! :)
The Cowan's
Future Congressman Mary Harper Brown with Congressman Marsha Blackburn :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

36 Weeks: We're 90% of the way there!

Mary Harper now weighs 6 pounds (like a crenshaw melon ???) and is 18 1/2 inches long.  At the end of this week, she will be considered full-term!  It is so hard to believe that at our 1st ultrasound she was only the size of a poppy seed.  We couldn't even see her on the ultrasound and we actually weren't even sure she was there! 

Let me tell you, she is CERTAINLY making her presence known now!  She is soooo active right now and everyone around can see it just by looking at my belly move!  I thought babies got less active in the last month but that is not the case with Miss Mary Harper.  She is constantly moving now and it is kind of painful since there's not much room for her in my tummy anymore.

Apparently, she can now make her appearance at any time.  EEK!  Good news is we are VERY close to having her nursery completed.  We are now just waiting on a nightstand that is on backorder until October and a bookcase my dad is building for her.  Then we'll accessorize and be done!  I'll post pictures soon of what has been accomplished so far.  It is really rewarding to vision a room you want and then see it transform right before your eyes!  I think her nursery has even exceeded the pictures we used for inspiration! 

I can't wait to rock my new baby in her new room...after we fix the air conditioner upstairs that is.  Apparently I'm not the only one having a hard time operating in this heat.  And of course it breaks during one of the hottest summers on record!  I hope for Josh's sake it just needs freon.  For someone who doesn't like to spend money, he's been really great with sitting back and letting me "nest".  But with all the additional house and baby expenditures, I think he may be the next thing to break down if we have have to replace the air conditioning unit upstairs!

UPDATE:  Air conditioner guys came and the problem was just a breaker being off from one of the last storms.  So once they flipped the breaker back on, it started working again!  That's a relief in more ways than one! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

35 Weeks: We're 87.5% of the way there!

Mary Harper is now as hefty as a honey dew melon at 5 1/4 pounds and is over 18 inches long. 

Speaking of "honey dews" - my list for Josh is growing quite long!  And I have been busy too!  I feel like I am squeezing in so much right now because who knows if she'll wait 5 more weeks to arrive.  We should find out soon if she's going to take after me (and arrive late) or Josh (and arrive early or on time). 

Lindsay (of LDS Designs) and I have been working hard to finish up the nursery and other rooms of the house!  We have however decided to scale back our plans a bit and instead of trying to decorate the entire house before MH arrives, we have settled on finishing up four of my "priority" rooms (bedroom, living room, kitchen and nursery).  Then we'll start back up with the rest of the house after MH arrives and we all get settled.  We are having the upstairs and bonus room recarpeted on Thursday (with the softest carpet of course for Mary Harper's little knees) and we are waiting on furniture deliveries for my bedroom, living room and nursery.  So hopefully we'll have some completed rooms soon and I can post some nursery pics!  (Oh yeah, we also finished the landscaping last week too)!  Nothing like having a baby to knock off a few items on a to do list!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

34 Weeks: We're 85% of the way there!

Mary Harper now weighs 4 3/4 - 5 1/2 pounds (weight of an average cantaloupe) and is almost 18 inches long. She is practicing breathing and her taking in amniotic liquid leads to bouts of hiccups from time to time - she actually had them today at my doctor's appointment! What a feeling!

We also had our doctor do another ultrasound today because we never really had an actual MD tell us we were having a girl...just a tech at 15 weeks and another tech at 20 weeks that said she was pretty sure she was a girl but that she was being shy! And so now Josh is paranoid it's a boy (that actually happened to one of my mother-in-law's friends...can you imagine?)!  Anyway, since I am so late in the pregnancy, it was hard for the doc to make out anything because she's taking up so much space now.  Of course we still think she's a girl but I would now like to thank Josh for making me paranoid!

The fatigue has set in! I had a baby shower over the weekend and couldn't even open all the presents myself because I got so out of breath (and the carpal tunnel didn't help)! And of course, I entered my 3rd trimester of pregnancy in one of the hottest summers on record. Our house could literally house penguins, Eskimos and Polar Bears - plus we no longer have to use the freezer on our refrigerator to house our frozen foods. :) Throw in a few restless nights, tossing/turning and frequent bathroom breaks and I think this must be God's way of preparing you for fatigue and lack of sleep once the baby arrives.

I am late in uploading pictures from some of my baby showers so below are some shower pictures. Our first one was back in May and I was barely showing! I had no idea what I would like 3 months later!

Our 1st shower was hosted by Robbie & Heather Beal. It was held at one of our favorite places, Boxwood Bistro.

Some of Josh's mom's friends hosted a "Grandmother & Mom-To Be" Shower so we both got presents! As you can tell from the photo, it sometimes is not always clear to me what certain objects are!

Some wonderful Republican Women hosted a shower for me at Cheekwood in Nashville. As you can imagine, I received lots of elephants!

My sister Nancy hosted a family shower at her house for us and we all enjoyed getting to spend more time with my new niece Naomi! She is really adjusting well!

My girlfriends hosted a shower for me at the Franklin home of dear friends Dr. Ken & Linda Moore.

Isn't this the cutest sign ever?!