Tuesday, August 10, 2010

35 Weeks: We're 87.5% of the way there!

Mary Harper is now as hefty as a honey dew melon at 5 1/4 pounds and is over 18 inches long. 

Speaking of "honey dews" - my list for Josh is growing quite long!  And I have been busy too!  I feel like I am squeezing in so much right now because who knows if she'll wait 5 more weeks to arrive.  We should find out soon if she's going to take after me (and arrive late) or Josh (and arrive early or on time). 

Lindsay (of LDS Designs) and I have been working hard to finish up the nursery and other rooms of the house!  We have however decided to scale back our plans a bit and instead of trying to decorate the entire house before MH arrives, we have settled on finishing up four of my "priority" rooms (bedroom, living room, kitchen and nursery).  Then we'll start back up with the rest of the house after MH arrives and we all get settled.  We are having the upstairs and bonus room recarpeted on Thursday (with the softest carpet of course for Mary Harper's little knees) and we are waiting on furniture deliveries for my bedroom, living room and nursery.  So hopefully we'll have some completed rooms soon and I can post some nursery pics!  (Oh yeah, we also finished the landscaping last week too)!  Nothing like having a baby to knock off a few items on a to do list!

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Laura Erwin said...

can't wait to see photos of your finished rooms! i'd love to see the landscaping too.