Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Nesting-mania! Decorating Reveal Pics!

I can't believe we have already been in our home for a year now!  When we first moved in, our goal was to decorate/renovate/etc...within a year.  A year later, I now realize that was a crazy an ambitious goal!  But it didn't take me long to step up the pace once I found out I was pregnant.  Nesting is an odd phenomenon.  So I don't know if we should call what we've been doing decorating or nesting but regardless, we finally have progress!

First, for the outside, we took out lots of trees in the back so we have more sun and less leaves around the pool (sorry, forgot to take back yard pictures).  We also had the outside of the house cleaned up landscaping wise.  I usually like to plant flowers but just didn't feel like it with the heat and inability to bend down well pregnant!  So I hope to have more color next year. 

I believe I first met with Lindsay of LDS Designs in May.  Our top priorities at the time were our bedroom, living room, kitchen and nursery.  Now we are only focusing on completing our bedroom and nursery and will start back on living room and kitchen after MH arrives. (Other rooms in the house to come later but I think the bonus room and sitting/wine room will be next in line!) 

Ever since moving into our home, I started saving pictures of how I wanted each room to look and then shared those with Lindsay so she could grasp the look I was trying to achieve.  I think you'll agree we were successful!

So for my first blog REVEAL, I will start with our bedroom!

Here is what our bedroom looked like when we moved in:
Here are some items I liked and "inspiration" pictures of what I wanted our bedroom to look like:

Here are some details of how we acheived our look. 

*Canopy Bed & Sisal Rug:  Pottery Barn
*Bedding:  Restoration Hardware, Ross
*Window panels & panels on canopy bed:  West Elm
*Mirrored bed side tables:  Z Gallerie
*Chifarobe: 1st piece of furniture my parents bought when they got married 44 years ago!
*Bed side lamps & bench at end of bed & curtain rod:  Marshall's
*Letter "B":  Ross
*Mirrored star burst: Hobby Lobby
*Cool linen chair:  Scarlett Scales Antiques in Franklin
*Dresser: MISSING - Still searching for the perfect one! :)

When I first found out I was pregant with a little girl, I decided I wanted the nursery to be more like part of the rest of the house and not use pepto pink everywhere.  You may recall this entry of what I was thinking for her nursery 3 months ago:

I wanted more neutral colors with light pink accents.  I also HATE "characters" like Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, etc...or things like butterflies, fairies, etc...  So I knew what I didn't want.  I found the picture below on a website called and couldn't afford anything on that site.  But I still hung on to the picture and showed Lindsay at LDS Designs and we began to try and replicate for less!
My husband would say otherwise but we have really created her a beautiful nursery on a budget!  We did have a few splurges like the new carpet but everything else we really tried to keep affordable.  I would say 90% of the items came from TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Ross!
For instance, the monogram above cost $155!!  And I found the one we used on etsy for $26.  Anyway, I will post more details below on where we found what, but here are BEFORE pictures of the nursery:

 Here are some details of how we acheived our look.
*Crib:  My dad made this crib in 1998 for my oldest niece Camille.  Since then, all of my nieces and nephews (besides my new niece Naomi) used this crib.  There are walnut inserts that came from The Hermitage in Nashville that dad was able to buy when the tornado came through and knocked down a lot of trees there.
*Monogram and tutu: Etsy
*Bedside lamp:  Target (with added trim from the Fabric Store)
*Floor lamp:  Tuesday Morning
*Crib bedding by Glenna Jean:  Bed, Bath and Beyond (and 20% off)!
*Curtains:  Fabric from the fabric store, my mom made them and they are beautiful!
*Curtain rods:  Lowe's
*Nursery furniture and glider rocker:  USA Baby
*Dress form:  Pier One
*Baskets:  TJ Maxx
*Magnetic pink crystal accents on chandelier:  Hobby Lobby

Here is the one spot we are still waiting to fill.  My dad made Mary Harper a bookcase and it will go here this week once he brings it down.

Here is a picture he sent me of the bookcase (and a special message for her on the back):

Here are also pictures of the adjoining bathroom:
Once again, most everything came from Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshall's except for the AWESOME bench I found at Nadeau Furniture in Green Hills.

And finally, one last accomplishment.  Here is a before picture of the green runner on our staircase.
And here is the new staircase with updated carpet!  It is brown on brown zebra print!  Since it is all one color, it really is subtle but still fun!  This was actually used in an entire room in this year's Westhaven St. Jude house.

So there are a few items I can now check off my to do list!  It is amazing how much better a decorated house makes you feel.  I can't wait to start on other rooms but I think I will slow down once Mary Harper arrives.  And more importantly, until we can afford to start on any more rooms!  Even on a budget, things add up and I think I've pressed the boundaries of what Josh is going to let me spend for a few months!  But something tells me, I'm going to be too busy to care!


Jane and Matthew said...

I know I posted this on FB too, but I love everything you've done! It all looks great and MH will love her new room, and you will love that chair and prob. spend hours sleeping in it holding that precious babe! Tell Josh all those stores are definitely budget-friendly stores! You just inspired me to finish our nursery, and Eli is 5 months olds!!!

Lindsey said...

Love it! It's all beautiful!

Misty said...

MK- It's all so beautiful! Everything just looks awesome. I hired a decorater but I don't think it's going to work out with her...I think our taste and budgets are very different:) I teared up when I saw the bookcase. Mary Harper will change your world! Hope I get to meet her. When I come in for Xmas we should get together!!!

Jane Ellen said...

it looks so good. you make me want to redo our bedroom.

Laura Erwin said...

Reveals are so exciting! LOVE the antique chair in your bedroom. I need to check out Scarlett Scales sometime. I think you did a great job decorating on a budget.

April Kay said...

Hi! My name is April Moore and I'm a good friend of Melia Roller's and found your blog through hers. We're pregnant with a baby girl and I'm trying to get nursery ideas. I love yours! I'm wanting distressed white furniture. Where did you get your dresser & bedside table? Thanks for the help! :) Oh, and I would love to be able to keep reading your blog after your sweet baby arrives. My email is Thanks!

Anthony said...
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