Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm alive...and a mommy!

So it's been a while since my last entry so not sure where to start!  I guess I'll start on September 22...the day our lives as we know it changed. :)

To make a long story short, I had a VERY rough labor and delivery.  19 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing.  Finally my doctor decided I needed to get off the epidural so I could "feel the pain" to know when to push better.  INSERT A FEW CHOICE WORDS HERE.  ;)  After she FINALLY arrived, he then had quite a bit of work to do on me.  And remember I no longer had the epidural.  Fun times.  I think it's safe to say we were all a bit surprised by Mary Harper's size.  :)

But I did finally have some awesome moments in the delivery room with my new little one!  When she 1st came out since I was still being worked on I couldn't hold her.  So I called out to her when she was crying and as soon as she heard my voice, she stopped crying.  It was crazy.  Then when I was finally able to hold her, she was crying again and as soon as I started talking to her she stopped and looked at me with the most alert eyes.  I could see in her eyes that she knew I was her mommy!  It was amazing.

We were able to leave the hospital three days later but I was still in INTENSE pain and was told I had about 3 months of recovery time ahead of me.  I was on pain meds round the clock and also developed post pregnancy pre eclampsia.  My poor husband had to take care of both me and a newborn baby because I could barely get out of bed.  Then throw in sleep deprivation.  Luckily, my parents came and stayed with us to help out.  It was the worst of times and best of times all at the same time.  I was thrilled to finally have my little girl.  But I felt like Mary Harper was bonding more with Josh and my parents because I was so sick to hold her or take care of her.  It was really a rough time for me physically and mentally.  But thank goodness, we are blessed with wonderful family and friends that helped us through it.

So that is why I was MIA for a bit.  But I'm now feeling a lot better and finally starting to feel more like myself.  Even throughout my ordeal, every time I had to go to the doctor, I felt so blessed that I was the one with the problems and not Mary Harper.  She is beautiful, healthy and perfect in every way!  And here are some pictures to prove it. :)

Yes, she's already one month!