Monday, January 24, 2011

4 Month Stats

So I haven't been good about this and want to start so I have it documented somewhere! 

At four months, Mary Harper is 15 lbs, 5 oz!!  She is one big baby!

She is 25 inches long.  She's in the 90th percentile in weight and 78th percentile in height.  She is already wearing 6-9 month clothes, mainly because she is too long for her 3-6 months clothes.

She loves her hands and likes to put everything we hand her in her mouth.  I love it when she touches my face while I'm feeding her.  She's getting good at taking her paci out and putting it back in.  She loves her Jenny Jump Up even though she doesn't really "jump" yet.  She can move herself around and looks like she's trying to walk in it! 

She laughs and talks ALL the time now and it is so cute.  Sometimes when she wakes up in the morning she just lays in her crib and talks and slams her feet down.  It would be much cuter if I didn't want to keep sleeping.  :)  She now goes to bed around 8:30 p.m. and is starting to sleep until 7 a.m.  She will usually get up once to eat but she's started to sleep all the way through now on some nights.
She LOVES watching sports when she sees them on TV which her daddy loves.  Josh was watching the end of Rudy this weekend and had her in her bouncy chair in front of the TV and she was glued to the movie.  When the movie ended, Josh changed the channel and he said she started BAWLING and tears were coming down her cheeks! HA!  Not sure what she sees when she "watches" TV but whatever it is she likes! 

She seems to get bored with her play mat now...she used to lay there for 30 minutes or longer cooing and kicking but she won't do it for that long anymore.  She also seems to be getting bored with her swings and bouncy seats unless I am there talking to her.  She loves her Sophie giraffe and a little plastic book that lights up.
She is still just on formula but at our last visit we were told we can start introducing rice cereal and baby food.  While she rarely cries, sometimes when someone new walks up and says hi to her, her bottom lip quivers and she starts crying!  Not sure why she does this but I think she may be a little shy. Who knew?! 


caroline G said...

What a cute little thing! Rye was a big boy too, he was a week early and weighed 9 lbs! He has mostly evened out now. Except his head, it is still 90th percentile! Love me a chunky baby!!!

Laura Erwin said...

laney did the same lip quivering to strangers thing at mary harper's age! broke my heart. i guess she grew out of it but she's still pretty timid around people.