Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wine Country or Whine Country...They are both beautiful!

What a wonderful time Josh and I had in Napa last week.  I can't believe I almost backed out of going at the last minute and so thankful I didn't.  I was hesitant to go for a number of reasons.  I was NOT wanting to leave Mary Harper again because I felt like I had just got back home to her from when I was away over New Year's.  Before she was born, we thought we would bring her to Napa with us but Josh thought the long plane ride out west and then drive over to Napa would be too much for her and she'd be more comfortable here.  So I was going to have to leave her again and I also wasn't ready for the long travel days ahead of us.

But I decided to go and soooo happy I did.  We had the most perfect time in Napa.  The weather was perfect and I was thrilled to be away from the cold and snow for a few days.  We stayed at what is now my favorite place to stay...EVER.  The name of the place is Calistoga Ranch  Everyone has their own private lodge so you felt like you were in your own little house.  Each one also has these awesome private outdoor garden showers which I LOVED!  It was so cool!  The service there was INCREDIBLE.  Everything in the mini bar was free (well as Josh put it, it's not really free but still...), they had an entire fleet of brand new Mercedes available for guests to drive and even my OCD self was impressed with how incredibly clean everything was.  Best part was the setting was BEAUTIFUL and the lodges were built to blend in with the environment.  It was absolutely incredible and we already have plans to go back later this year and I hope to stay there again.  If you are ever in Napa, I highly recommend this place.  It is truly a treat.  I still would have had a blast just staying on location and not leaving the lodge!

But of course we visited lots of wineries and had wonderful food and fun with friends!  My favorite wine tour was Schramsberg  They make incredible sparkling wine that competes with the Champagne region of France.  Their wines are often served at the White House and other state events and I loved hearing the history of this winery.  Josh of course is the wine snob of the family so he was in heaven.  Josh rarely spends money on himself so I was happy to see him excited and buying cases of some of the wines he liked best (and happy that it is now legal for us to ship them to Tennessee)! 
It was just the best trip and as much as I miss Mary Harper when I'm not with her, I think it is really good for me and Josh to get away just the two of us.  It really made me see how important it is for us not to forget about us now that Mary Harper is here.  I also realized this trip that being away from her for even just a short while really makes me appreciate all the times I have with her when I get back.  I normally am not too thrilled about waking up and feeding her at 4:30 a.m. but when I was away from her and couldn't feed her myself, I missed it!  The tears didn't bother me when I got home and neither did the dirty diapers!  It really was a nice break and a reminder to appreciate EVERY moment with MH...even if they aren't always pleasant! 

This was also my last trip before I return back to work.  I am scheduled to start back next week and I'm very anxious to see how this works out.  Josh left it up to me whether I went back to work or not but I really have a great job, work with great people and I'm just not ready to give it up yet.  I am not usually in an office or at a desk, can do a lot from my own home and spend most of my time networking which I enjoy.  And of course the extra money will be nice.  Of course the worst part will be I can't see MH whenever I want once I go back to work.  And just returning to work after 4 months of being off  will be an adjustment itself.  I guess the days of wearing my pajamas all day are about to be over!

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