Monday, February 21, 2011

Babies and Blackberries

I never realized how easily blessings can become distractions until I had Mary Harper.  I always said I didn't want to become one of those moms whose life only revolves around their child.  And I felt like I was doing an OK job with that until I started to think about how much she now occupies my thoughts.  As I write this, she is asleep and part of me wishes she would wake up so I could hold her!  It is crazy how my beloved dog Miss Scarlett and even Josh have now suddenly fallen a few notches down on my priority list! 

While I don't think this is abnormal for a new mom, I now realize that blessings such as a new baby can easily become viewed as an "acceptable" distraction...yet it still interferes with my relationship with God.  And I don't think God intended to bless me with Mary Harper just to watch me lose focus on Him.  I hate to admit I stopped "seeking Ye first" the second I was blessed with Mary Harper!

I also became consumed with fear after having Mary Harper. I literally didn't put her down for over 24 hours when we first brought her home because I was afraid she would stop breathing!  I know that probably sounds insane but it's true!  If my mom had not come to stay with us, she may still be sleeping in my arms at night!  And I would say the biggest adjustment for me becoming a parent is the realization I will now worry about her for the rest of my life!  And I think if my focus was on God, those types of irrational fears would subside...some.  :)

In addition to Mary Harper, there are just soooo many other distractions in my world now - the time I spend updating this blog, my Blackberry...and I don't even want to think about the hours I have wasted on Facebook!!  Luckily, I do not have an iPhone!  This all reminds me of the poor woman who fell into the fountain while texting inside the mall.  I was just thankful it happened to her and not me!

Peter was able to walk on water until he took his eyes off Jesus.  And right now I feel like I have taken my eyes off Jesus and I'm lying in the mall water fountain, Blackberry in hand!  If I were to stop and think how many hours I have my Blackberry in hand compared to the Bible, I would be ashamed to admit the findings. 
I guess the good news is after nearly 5 months of being wrapped up in my new baby, I have FINALLY realized and at least acknowledged that my relationship with God is suffering.  I need to remember that even though I am now a mommy, I am still a wife and follower of Christ.  And I will be a BETTER mom if I keep my focus on God. 

I would appreciate your prayers as I try to refocus my life post-baby and post-Blackberry! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Mary Harper has started to try and mimic everything we say.  She watches the shape of my mouth when I say a word and then tries to form the same shape.  Here is me trying to get her to say "BYE" and I actually caught it on camera!  It's so much fun to see her learn new things everyday!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

The new marquee on the Franklin Theatre is up and lit!  Franklin residents have been waiting for this day for quite some time.  Thousands showed up in historic downtown Franklin to witness the lighting of the marquee!  I can't wait until it actually opens in June. 

The new marquee is a replica from 1937 and is such a great addition to Main Street.
Here is what it used to look like based on some black and white pictures from the city's archives:

Here is what the theatre looked like prior to its renovation:

And here is the new marquee!  I think they did a great job replicating what it used to look like.

I'm so thankful to everyone who helped make this renovation possible.  Josh and I did our very small part by purchasing a "seat" at the new theatre but I wish Mary Harper had been around when we purchased it so we could have had her name put on there with ours.  But hopefully one day in about 30 years or so, she'll go back with her own children and try to find the little plaque with our names on it and point it out to them.  And the next time it needs renovating, I hope that Mary Harper (and others in her generation) will step up and lead the charge because of the fond memories they will some day have of the Franklin Theatre. But for Josh's sake (and hers), I hope she does not have a first kiss there for a LONG time!