Friday, March 25, 2011

Chicago, Shopping, Girlfriends...What more can you ask for?

Been pretty busy and forgot to post anything about my fabulous girls' trip to Chicago earlier in March!  I had such a great can you not with so much good shopping with friends?!  I felt like I hadn't bought much in a long time that didn't involve Mary Harper in some way so I was excited to shop for ME for a change!  Plus, I didn't have to pay taxes on most of my purchases I shipped home so I was super excited about the savings!

Didn't get to buy many clothes yet since I'm still trying to lose that baby weight but I am looking forward to a big shopping celebration if I ever lose all the weight I'm trying to lose!  I never knew how little I was until I tried to fit back into some of my old clothes!  It was so depressing I decided I wanted all of my old clothes out of my closet so my closet is pretty bare at the moment.  Maybe it won't be long before I can start refilling it with some more small sizes! :)

Even more exciting than the great shopping getaway was the great group of girls that went.  I went to college with most of these girls and lots of them have little ones now so it is so nice being with other people that don't mind if you talk about your baby too much! :)

Can't wait 'til next years trip!

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