Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I can't believe how much Mary Harper has changed!  She still isn't sitting up by herself yet without help but I know she'll soon conquor that!  As I already posted earlier on the blog, she now says "Bye" OR "Buy"  :) lots.  She has no idea what it means but she says it a lot and is very proud of herself when she does. :)  When she's not saying bye, she is just making LOTS of racket.  I guess she is experimenting with different sounds.  It is cute whatever it is!

She LOVES her Sophie giraffe and I think that is definitely her favorite toy.  Unfortunately, it is also Scarlett's favorite toy so we are always on Sophie patrol!
I have started making her baby food and feel like Martha Stewart and mom of the year for doing it! ha!  It really is so easy and fun to make it and it feels great to know what I am making for her is healthy and nutritious!  She loves peaches, apples, sweet potatos, bananas, etc...must have a sweet tooth like her mom!  She eats peas and green beans but not sure she is a HUGE fan of either...once again just like her mom! 
She loves to "stand" and now even will stand next to me on the couch and do squats, up and down up and down. She may have a complex of me always commenting on her fat rolls so perhaps it is her way of exercising. ha!  

I am guessing she is probably 17 lbs now (haven't been to the pediatrician this month) and 25 inches long.

She was sleeping from 8:30 pm to around 6 am but she went through a phase where she started waking up once in the night again. Ugh.  However last night she slept from 730-730 so hopefully we are starting a new habit.  If she is still tired when she wakes up, she will cry but if she has slept for a while or is well rested, she will just lay in bed and talk to herself and slam her feet down! 

I am still horrible at leaving the house with her and I get really frazzled and stressed out when I have to take her out alone.  The car seat is sooooo heavy and I think I carry too much stuff "just in case".  (Always be prepared!)  By the time I get out the door I am ready to come back home!  Hopefully this will get easier the more practice I get!  Luckily, she has always been a great car rider and rarely cries in the carseat. 

She's gone to two political events this month and the poor thing has no idea how many more she has to "look forward" to over the years.  I like to think of it as training for when she becomes the 1st female President of the United States.  :)

Every day brings more fun things to experience with MH.  Can't believe how quickly she has changed since we first brought her home.  We are very blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl and fall in love with her more and more each day.

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