Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mary Harper's 1st Trip!

Josh and I took my parents to DC recently as a thank you for them pretty much living with us for a few months after Mary Harper was born.  My sister Amy, brother in law Scott and their kiddos also came too!

The flight down Mary Harper was an ANGEL.  Literally she didn't make a peep the whole flight.  She was a real trooper the entire trip (sleeping in her stroller as we carried her up escalators, through crowded subways, noisy traffic, etc) but the interruption to her sleep/naps eventually caught up to her the night before we left.  (details to follow)

The first full day we went to the Smithsonian to check out the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc...  Then went to visit our friend Marsha Blackburn.  We had a special tour of the Capitol and then got to visit with Marsha in her office and MH event got to sit at her desk and make some big decisions for the country. :)

Since my parent's Congressman is Stephen Fincher, Josh also scheduled a meeting for us all to see Stephen.  Our final "meeting" we had to stop and visit our friend Diane Black who was just recently elected to Congress.  I think Mary Harper will fit in just fine one day when she becomes President.

That night, we let my parents keep all the kiddos and Josh and I joined my sister and brother in law at Old Ebbitt Grill.  OBG is a hot spot in DC thanks to it's proximity to the White House but is such a reasonably priced place and the food is great.  After dinner, we went to the W Hotel for one of the best views in DC.

Friday we hit the Air and Space Museum, Holocaust and Natural History Museum.  Then we headed down to see the Cherry Blossoms!! I think that was one of the best parts of the trip - they were beautiful.  It was a bit cold while we were there but the sun was out and the sky was blue and beautiful.

That night is the night Mary Harper had finally had enough.  We had booked a trolley twilight tour and after an error of comedies, we FINALLY were all on the trolley but MH had not napped well and I could tell it was not going to be a peaceful tour for me!  The tour started at 7:30 pm which is already after her bed time.  By the end of the tour, she was crying and crying so Josh and I had them drop us off so we could grab a taxi home. She fell asleep as soon as we got her in the cab and she didn't wake up until the next morning!

Josh took my mom and dad to Arlington Saturday morning and MH and I stayed at the hotel.  She did pretty well on the flight back home but you could tell she was ready to be back home in her own routine.  After the twilight tour, I'm not sure Josh will be very receptive to bringing MH on anymore vacays until she gets a bit older...we'll see. :)

6 Months Update...A Bit Behind!

It's almost time for her 7 month update so have to get this in before her 7 month birthday on Friday!

She is really starting to "talk" and make lots and lots of noise!  She has now added 'dada' to her "vocabulary" and so now we here lots of "byes" and "dadas".  I keep trying to work on 'mama' but she just laughs when I try to get her to repeat me.  She is now on stage 2 foods.  She can sit up by herself but crawling yet either...which I'm kinda thankful about. :)

She laughs and laughs at her daddy when he's being silly and is just such a joy to be around!  She has started to get upset when strangers come up and talk to her.  She just really likes her personal space I guess!  She has really started paying attention to Scarlett and loves watching her walk around and be a dog. ha!

At her 6 month visit, Mary Harper weighed 19.63 lbs (96 percentile!), length 27 in (87 percentile) and her head circumference was 17.13 in (77 percentile).  Such a big girl although she SEEMS to be slowing down.  She has been wearing 6-9 month clothes now since she was about 5 months old and is still wearing 6-9 months!  So she is actually wearing the right size for once...although she can also wear some 12 months too.
MH went to her Mimi and Pops land (not too far from our house) and helped them stock their pond with fish.  They are building a new house so MH will spend lots of time running around on this land.
Oh! She also had her first airplane ride at 6 months (we went to DC with my family)!  Will have to do another post about her first trip!