Thursday, April 21, 2011

6 Months Update...A Bit Behind!

It's almost time for her 7 month update so have to get this in before her 7 month birthday on Friday!

She is really starting to "talk" and make lots and lots of noise!  She has now added 'dada' to her "vocabulary" and so now we here lots of "byes" and "dadas".  I keep trying to work on 'mama' but she just laughs when I try to get her to repeat me.  She is now on stage 2 foods.  She can sit up by herself but crawling yet either...which I'm kinda thankful about. :)

She laughs and laughs at her daddy when he's being silly and is just such a joy to be around!  She has started to get upset when strangers come up and talk to her.  She just really likes her personal space I guess!  She has really started paying attention to Scarlett and loves watching her walk around and be a dog. ha!

At her 6 month visit, Mary Harper weighed 19.63 lbs (96 percentile!), length 27 in (87 percentile) and her head circumference was 17.13 in (77 percentile).  Such a big girl although she SEEMS to be slowing down.  She has been wearing 6-9 month clothes now since she was about 5 months old and is still wearing 6-9 months!  So she is actually wearing the right size for once...although she can also wear some 12 months too.
MH went to her Mimi and Pops land (not too far from our house) and helped them stock their pond with fish.  They are building a new house so MH will spend lots of time running around on this land.
Oh! She also had her first airplane ride at 6 months (we went to DC with my family)!  Will have to do another post about her first trip!

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