Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gender Reveal...Bahamas Style!

So I am way past due in posting this but back in June, Josh and I went to the Bahamas for an adult getaway!  We both missed Mary Harper but had a WONDERFUL time at one of the nicest places we have  stayed!  Despite mine and Josh's penny pinching ways, one thing we both love is gambling so we always try to pick a fun spot where we can gamble.  We looked at Aruba but settled on the Bahamas since it was closer...and since friends recommended a hotel I fell in love with as soon as I looked at their website!

We stayed at the One and Only Ocean Club Bahamas and it was FABULOUS!  They only have 105 guest rooms and 24 hour Butler service!  Need I say more?  They bring you fresh fruit daily, champagne and strawberries each afternoon, beach tote, Ocean Club hats, unpacking/packing luggage service...the list just goes on an on!  You literally didn't have to carry anything to the beach.  They had towels, sunscreen, chairs, water, magazines, books, rafts....anything you needed!  Walking to a private beach without having tote the kitchen sink was FABULOUS!!  (NOTE:  I didn't realize just HOW fabulous until a few weeks later when we took Mary Harper to the beach for the first time).  Anyway, Josh and I probably didn't take full advantage of the butler service because who even knows what you're supposed to do with a butler?!  But I told Josh if we ever go back I'm going to be a diva. ha!

We did visit the Atlantis a few nights but were reassured that we made the right decision to stay at the One and Only because the Atlantis was CRAZY busy and filled with lots of kids.  And I will be honest, if my child isn't with me...I'm not really looking to be around a lot of other people's kids! :)  It was cool eating right next to their awesome aquarium and I want to go back when I am not pregnant and can go down the big slide and swim with dolphins!

So now on to the GENDER REVEAL!

Right before we left, Josh was in DC so I took it upon myself to go have the 3D imaging scan to find out what Baby Brown #2 would be.  If you recall, we had quite a big gender reveal for Mary Harper.  See that post here  

So I wanted to do something fun for Baby #2 too!  So I was told the gender (without Josh knowing) the day before we left and so the following day, I gave him this note on the beach!

It read:
We're creating beautiful memories here in the Bahamas, 
Now a surprise for you planned by your baby mama!  
When you see a big "X" you know that marks the spot, 
And you'll see a chest full of treasure that can't be bought.
You'll find a message in a bottle that reveals quite a surprise,
Will Baby Brown II be a girl or a guy?!

And that led him to this!  A treasure chest with a message in a bottle!

And the message in the bottle read....................

 So we will soon be welcoming Anderson (my maiden name) Joshua (Josh's name) Brown!

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Megan Tomlinson said...

Very exciting and very creative idea! I'm totally impressed! Maybe I'll get your input my next time around....