Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mary Harper at 9 Months!

So I'm late on posting and taking her 9 month shot because she turns 10 months this Friday!  But I will have to say that 9 months has been my favorite stage so far (I think I say that each month)!  She is really starting to turn into a tiny person and it is adorable!

Her stats form her 9 month check up:
Weight:  21.56 (85th percentile)
Length:  29 inches (87th percentile)
Head:  17.52 inches (60th percentile)

She dropped 11 percentile points in weight but stayed the same in height.  Which means her weight is leveling off a bit so her fat rolls aren't quite as rolly anymore! :(  I hope she still keeps some for a while because I LOVE squeezing those little legs!

So a little about Miss Mary Harper at 9 months...she sleeps great!  We usually put her in bed between 7 and 8 pm and she stays down til 630 or 7 a.m.  (Today she slept until 8:30 am)!!  She eats breakfast when she wakes up, plays a bit and will go down for a nap around 10ish.  Then up for lunch, plays a bit and will go down for nap #2.  Sometimes she sleeps for just 1 hour...sometimes 2 or longer.

She's starting to eat more people food (gave her macaroni and cheese tonight and she LOVED it)!  She still just has her two little teeth on the bottom which are so cute in pictures!

She still doesn't crawl but that doesn't mean she's immobile!  She will either roll or squirm her way to wherever she wants to go.  She can stand alone now too for short periods.  Her favorite toy is her baby walker and she goes all over the house in it!  We've finally had to "baby proof" the house because she kept opening every drawer and cabinet in the kitchen she could reach.  I am NOT a fan of the baby proofed kitchen and I forget to unlatch it before I open a drawer every time!

Her vocabulary is growing quite a bit now.  She will say "dada", "mama" - I think that's her new favorite word :), bye bye (and she waves - so cute), ball and while on vacation she said "Pa Bob" (my dad).  She tries to repeat anything you say and you can tell she studies your mouth to know how to do it. So so sweet.

Her first airplane ride was at 7 months and she had her 2nd at 9 months when we went to the beach for a week.  We stayed in Seagrove (just a few minutes outside of Seaside off 30A).  She had a great time in her pool while on the beach and didn't mind the sand at all!  She however obviously did NOT get the memo that you are supposed to SLEEP IN on vacations.  :)

And here are some proofs from her 9 month photo shoot!

Still can't believe how my heart grows larger and larger for this little girl every single day.  Tonight she was just sitting in her highchair while Josh fed her and I thought to myself it can't get any better than this.  I was just standing in my kitchen watching Mary Harper and Josh interact with each other and I knew there was no where else on earth I'd rather be at that moment.  Sooo soo blessed.

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Misty said...

9 months is such a fun stage. You really start learn about their personalities. My girls were both late crawlers and walkers. Maggie crawled at 10 months and walked at 15 months. Like MH they had no problem getting to where they wanted to go.