Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Months...Before it Gets Too Late!

So I always seem to be behind on Mary Harper's updates but I blame it on pregnancy brain!
On the Move!
Not sure exactly what her stats are right now since we haven't gone to the doctor this month.  But she has grown so much from 9 to 10 months and has lots of new "tricks"!  She now crawls and walks - still not really steady all the time when she walks but she's still walking!  She is EVERYWHERE now and is ALWAYS on the go.  NEVER a moments peace with her anymore now that she's on the move and can reach more things!  I feel like we're always just following her around trying to keep her from hurting herself or breaking something!

She has also started pulling up in her crib and standing up. NOT a trick that we love!  Seems like now that she has all these new tricks, her nap times are suffering!  Some days we have to leave her in her crib for over an hour before she'll lay down and sleep!  Luckily she's not really crying when she's awake but it's still frustrating!  Thank goodness she is still sleeping good at night!  She sleeps from 7 to 7 still so can't complain about that at all!

She will now blow kisses and her vocabulary is really growing.  She'll try to repeat words we say often and we actually just figured out one of the sounds she's been making for while now but never knew what she was doing. For a while, she's been making this noise like "Ow Ow Ow".  We finally figured out she is barking and mimicking Scarlett! Anytime she hears Scarlett bark, she will start saying "Ow Ow Ow". Too cute.  She also tries to say Scarlett's name but it comes out more like Squar-kinda sounds more like squirrel but we know what she means!  She has a new game she (and Scarlett) loves and that is throwing her food down for Scarlett to eat. :)

She will go to the window and say "pool", can say apple (sounds more like bapple which is adorable) and her favorite word I think is "bottle" and she'll start saying that sometimes when she's getting sleepy (we still give her a bottle before naptime generally).  She also says "Yo Gabbba Gabba" her FAVORITE show.  It is so funny when she gets excited about her show and starts babbling yo gabba!

She still says bye and waves but now always blows kisses too.  She says "mwah" when she blows kisses - too cute!
Just love her face!
Each month with Mary Harper our love for her grows and grows.  I REALLY hope she does well when her new brother comes because right now she is the center of our world!