Monday, September 19, 2011

11 month post...before her FIRST birthday this Thursday!!!!

Late once again to post Mary Harper's 11 month update!  No stats this month since we haven't had her 12 month checkup yet but this month Mary Harper got her 2 top teeth so she has 4 now. She still eats baby food, loves her organic "puffs" and still has about 3 bottles of formula a day but she is eating more "people" food too.

Always on the go!
She LOVES to walk although we try to keep her from walking much anywhere downstairs due to the hardwood floors - she never seems to fall on the carpet but anytime we let her loose downstairs she seems to fall...on her face!  She LOVES bending down and picking up different things to hold while she walks.  For some reason she likes to have something in both of her hands when she walks around.  She is really good at keeping her balance when she bends over to pick up something off the floor.

One of the cutest things she does now is ANYTIME my phone makes a noise, she says "hello"!  Except it sounds much cuter than "hello" comes out more like "heyyo" (y sound instead of l). Adorable and hilarious.  She still loves Dora and Yo Gabba Gabba and some music band group that plays a lot before those shows. She gets so excited when they come on...maybe the Fresh Beat Band??  Thanks to Dora, "backpack" is now another word in her vocabulary and she likes to see pictures of herself and she'll say "baby".

She is starting to get a bit more attached to "mom" - sometimes she'll call me momma...other times she is too cool for momma and just calls me "mom". ha!  She still sleeps 7 to 7 and is still pretty good at her 2 naps each day.  One is usually shorter than the other though.

Still can't believe how fast this past year has gone by...I really think the days go by faster once you become a parent.

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