Friday, November 04, 2011

Catch Up! 12 months!

So I've been a bit busy with campaign work as of late - I have NO idea how I managed to make myself busier than ever right before giving birth...but I did!  Anyway, so I never made Mary Harper's picture in her 12 month sticker but here are some of our professional 12 months shots and her 12 month stats.

Weight: 24 lbs (95%)
Length: 30 inches (80%)
Head: 17.99 (72%)

She now has 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom - I think, will have to check and make sure that is right. A few weeks after her 1st birthday we took away her bottles for good and she's done very well so far!  I was afraid the night time bottle would be hard for her to give up but it really hasn't been an issue.  I just hope she doesn't start wanting one again once she sees little brother with one!

She's getting a lot more steady now walking so it's not quite so stressful watching her walk around anymore.  Her vocabulary is just growing and growing. She can basically repeat back anything we try to get her to say now.  When we say Mary Harper Brown, she says NAME.  It's too cute.

One of her new favorite toys is her baby dolls.  But she's started shortening the word BABY to just BEE.  So Anderson is now being called, Bay. Yes, that would be Bay Brown. ha! Josh and I had MANY discussions that I wanted him called Anderson not AJ and here Mary Harper comes along and gives him her own nickname. Bay. I guess it could be worse.

She still sleeps from 7 am til 730 am and still taking two naps a day.  Sometimes she'll take 2 long naps but she's getting to where she only does one really long one and then just a 45 minute nap for #2.  She now will give us kisses when she's in the mood. :)
Here are more pictures from our 12 month photo shoot.

And here's what "Bay" looked like when Mary Harper was 12 months!

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